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ected to turn in what we'll call an Intervention. These Interventions are simple, informal media sketches... at least two paragraphs each, with [[:peer review|these suggestions]] in mind * Final draft: **(40%)*
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ttps:// These are functionally the same as grades, but perhaps ... her than those that require proprietary software. These include .txt, .md, .pdf, .odt, .docx, .svg, etc. ... ent? What does that world reveal about this one? [These "laws"](
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lides. Students may form groups of three as well; these will required to present three interviews and thr
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le. They should include some approximation of the these sections: * Literature review * Methodology * Fi... ambition is a wonderful thing, keep in mind that these articles are short, and your top priority should
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ith the source as long as necessary to accomplish these goals. A few pitfalls to avoid: * *Using the so
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nfectious disease. Students who fail to adhere to these requirements will be asked to leave class, and st... ave class when asked or who refuse to comply with these requirements will be referred to [Student Conduct... because a disability prevents you from fulfilling these safety measures, please follow the steps in the “
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These pages contain course materials developed by [Nathan Schneider at the University of Colorado Boulder
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us more on smaller-scale adjustments? Pick one of these to focus on, and indicate to the creator why you'
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rome extension or bookmarklet for other browsers; these are the most stable * By prefixing the web URL
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—first through dialogue, then through revision of these agreements, then through recourse to the instruct... as consistent, and what varied? * What explains these patterns? What contexts, audiences, economic forc... of what they're monitoring and reflections on it. These diaries will affect the portion of the grade for
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) * Databases at your university library website These don't guarantee that all search results will be p
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. Therefore, work will be rewarded with bounties. These are functionally the same as grades, but perhaps
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—first through dialogue, then through revision of these agreements, then through recourse to the instruct
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t set out by the university? * How do we change these agreements and this syllabus when necessary? ##
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t some elements of formatting may be lost because these formats' native programs are not available for Li
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