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of the exploit can vary based on the assignment. They might be primarily visual or primarily textual, o... ots, source code, and other forms of evidence. If they are not self-explanatory, include a [README](http... an exercise for the class, using whatever format they like to invite participation, collaboration, and ... [threats]( and how they might be mitigated. Check out software listed at
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Studies department with active research agendas. They will work with the instructor on teaching, guidin... . Take the opportunity to get to know your TA, as they are your main point of interface for questions an... nses to others. These will be evaluated to ensure they include: * At least 5 substantive posts * Constr... on any assignment, consult your TA ahead of time. They are not obligated to grant one. Late work will be
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nt's Interventions may address various topics, or they can connect in a way that builds toward the final... r other media, digital or otherwise. In any case, they must be submitted digitally as a new thread in th... ppropriate discussion topic for each week's unit. They should amount to the equivalent of one interestin... vey an analysis of power and agency through which they intervene, resulting in a plausible case for maki
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' legal information doesn't always align with how they identify. Students may update their preferred nam... members of our community. Individuals who believe they have been subject to misconduct or retaliatory ac... ructors have a responsibility to inform OIEC when they are made aware of incidents of sexual misconduct,
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.edu/cmci/people/media-studies/nathan-schneider). They are an open educational resource. Suggestions are