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ack that addresses the week's topic in a creative way, reflecting technical ingenuity (though not neces... ent them from killing the learning process in the way that grades normally do. The maximum bounty award... er philosophy to the world. Identify yourself any way you like or not at all. Seek to recruit, warn, al... ation wants to be free," let something loose in a way that will facilitate its flow. Post it online in
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address various topics, or they can connect in a way that builds toward the final project. Interventi
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ngage with assigned materials for the course in a way that demonstrates a sophisticated grasp and that ... community) with direct experience of having their way of life or livelihood challenged by the disruptio
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network charts, or whatever else best suits your ways of thinking. Be sure to reflect on both the cont... nal contribution to our shared discourse. In this way, in addition to our explorations of the topics at
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eting during the semester, develop an imaginative way to lead the discussion of the week's assigned mat
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few pitfalls to avoid: * *Using the source in a way that is superfluous or superficial*. If it is tac
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ion systems, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. A good way to identify the appropriate one is to go to the w