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-# Whitepaper 
-A whitepaper is a kind of document little-used in academia but much more common in business and policy contexts. It is a semi-formal,​ persuasive document that outlines and analyzes a project or proposed course of action, generally intended for limited circulation among readers directly involved in the process at hand. There'​s some interesting [history of the medium and the term](https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​White_paper) in British efforts to contain early Jewish-Palestinian conflicts. Whitepapers might be considered to lie on a spectrum between internal memos and external reports. They are generally not formally published and thus, despite their alleged whiteness, may be considered [gray literature](https://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Grey_literature). 
-## Features 
-  * A tone that is serious and impersonal, but clear and direct above all. It is more technical than journalistic writing, but less formal and jargon-laden than academic writing. 
-  * Articulates problems and solutions—ideally,​ one of each—with a persuasive and rigorous explanation of each. 
-  * Provides relevant background and research data to the problems and solutions at hand. 
-## Examples 
-  * [British White Paper of 1922](http://​avalon.law.yale.edu/​20th_century/​brwh1922.asp) - the original 
-  * [The Bitcoin whitepaper](https://​bitcoin.org/​en/​whitepaper) - the classic early articulation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency system; since then, whitepapers have been frequently used to introduce new cryptocurrency projects 
-  * [Civil white paper](https://​civil.co/​white-paper/​)