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farmers belong to a farmer co-op and provide 250,000 jobs and over $8 billion in annual wages" * "100 million Americans turn to more than 6,000 Credit Unions for their financial sefrvices" * ... the agricultural sector." * "Overall, nearly 30,000 cooperatives in the United States account for >$3... e noting that past counts have been as high as 40,000). This includes: * 127.5 million total members
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ewfull=1#post275437) * [An estimate of about 10,000 active workers]( as become a staple worker tool, with more than 28,000 registered users, 110,000 reviews of 24,000 employers, and 400,000 visits per month." * "Building solidarities is one way of
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lth movement called for a guaranteed income of $5,000 for every family. * 1940s: Juliet Rhys-Williams... Govern suggested a guaranteed annual income of $1,000 in 1972 campaign, and the idea was part of the De... les Murray's book _In Our Hands_ called for a $10,000 cash grant to replace all welfare programs * 20... :// begins in Namibia. * 2011-13: [Basic income
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end of 2014, the cooperative reached more than 75,000 meters representing more than 200,000 customers." * Moran, Susan. "[Growing Away from Big Coal](ht... - "Working capital that works, $250,000 to $10 million+ in an asset-backed revolving line... rado]( - "A COMMUNITY OF OVER 10,000 GEEKS WHO LIVE AND WORK IN COLORADO" * [Meetu
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lopedia_. * Swann, Robert. "[New Communities—5000 Acres and $1,000,000](" From _[Peace... ck priest. Father Albert McKnight, and now has 12,000 members throughout southern Louisiana. Most of th
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ricans are work martyrs," it begins. * Since 2000, Americans have lost almost a full work-week of v... )]( * "On May 1, 1886, more than 300,000 workers struck thousands of shops across the United States i... tronghold of anarchist, revolutionary unionism,40,000 workers struck and 80,000 workers joined a May Da
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Bunch, Joey. "[ColoradoCare backers collected 156,000 petitions for single-payer plan](http://www.denve... ws/ci_29013454/coloradocare-backers-collected-156-000-petitions-single-payer)." _Denver Post_ (October ... ns kick off a movement to gather the necessary 99,000 signatures to get the measure on Colorado’s ballo... one](, Volume
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mobilized 31% of the national savings" * "250.000 people are directly employed by cooperative based... d with 22 per cent." * "Kenya boasts about 15,000 registered cooperatives with 12 million members. There are more than 320,000 employees and a further 1.5 million people engage
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Timeline * April 23, 1976: Born * September 2000: Organized Catalan contingent at Prague World Ban... ch 17, 2009. * Duran, Enric. "[I have robbed 492000 euros whom most rob us in order to denounce them ... ciety]( s/) * García, Nando. "[Un antisistema logra 492.000 € en créditos y dice cómo hacerlo antes de huir d
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wson-brook-farm), which is flourishing after a $3,000 loan in 1984 from SHARE * Silicon Valley online... ng" - "Invest in Real Estate with as Little as $5,000" * [StartWise]( - Rev... ship of Enterprise]]_. Harvard University Press, 2000. * Jensen, Michael C. _A Theory of the Firm: G... Organizational Forms_. Harvard University Press, 2000. * Mentions cooperatives on the first page, a
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d out in 2013. In Cizîrê, cooperatives planted 50,000 fruit trees in 2015 and attempts are being made t... change the wheat monoculture. In Serê Kaniyê, 25,000 dunums of land have been distributed to cooperati
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y Camera_ reports Mary J. Williams wants her $130,000 investment back (mm), or $175,000 (can't confirm elsewhere) (Bailey 1982, 25) * September 23: Mrs.
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ction: A Plan to Provide Every Family with a $100,000 Stake in the Economy_. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 197
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_ (1941) - Mentions a department store owned by 1,000 consumers * Lincoln, Murray - co-op entrepreneu
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ps:// * [Cooperative Action Network](https://act... ps:// * Total spent: $1,699,950 in ... city produced in the U.S. each year * employ 72,000 people in the U.S. ### Governance * According
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