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e Juggling Act]( ritical-fight-inequality/)." _Beyond Chron_. July 30, 2014. * Mar, Gordon and Samantha Adame. "[Fi... le/Fight-inequality-schedule-fair-work-hours-5639630.php)." _SFGate_. July 22, 2014. * [Retail Wor..." _Chronicle of Higher Education_. March 30,
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blem]( ttps:// latform-public-interest)." _The Guardian_. August 30, 2017. * "[The world’s most valuable resource i... 017/gdpr_risk_to_the_duopoly/)." PageFair. August 30, 2017. ### New America crisis * Beutler, Bria
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rt it]( * [Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE)](h... rsal-basic-income-will-save-us-from-the-robot-1653303459)."​ _i09_. October 31, 2014. * Twitter ac... for Basic Income](" March 21, 2... ld]( * Organizer of June 29-30, 2014, Singularity
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in the agricultural sector." * "Overall, nearly 30,000 cooperatives in the United States account for... es: * 127.5 million total memberships * Only 300 purchasing co-ops, but they represent 50,000 ind... Cooperative Monitor]( - The 300 largest cooperatives and mutual organizations by... States with 256 million members. There are nearly 30,000 co-operatives in the US. The next countries a
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tion]( 935)." _The Chronicle of Higher Education_. April 30, 2013. * Luka, Mary Elizabeth, et al. "[Scholar
2 Hits, Last modified:, June 27-30, 2016 * [Co-operative College]( h-standards)." _Times Higher Education_. November 30, 2017. * Neary, Mike and Joss Winn. "[Beyond Pu
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d incentives for private businesses to switch to >30% employee ownership * HW Bush eliminated tax in... com/Overview/Working-at-Huawei-Technologies-EI_IE9304.11,30.htm) * De Cremer, David and Tian Tao. "[Huawei: A Case Study of When Profit Sharing Works]
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ocial Media Data](" _The New York Times_. June 30, 2017. * "For a 21st-century problem, we sugg
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obertson-management-workers-power-hierarchy-20150930)." _YES! Magazine_. September 30, 2015. * [Sociocracy]( - ... ://" _Research in Organizational Behavior_ 37 (2017). ## Facilitation frameworks * Citize
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-en-ligne-equitable-au-service-des-cooperatives_4530892_4408996.html)." _Le Monde_. November 28, 2014.... nion Ad Debunked]( r 10, 2014. ## Mining ### Basics * As of 11/30, according to [organofcorti](http://organofcorti...., 12/6 * Total hashrate: 308,261,230.83 GH/s * [Calculating the environment
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Leader](" Solar E... the last seven years, helping people set up over 30 successful renewable energy organisations from So... ]("... ix data ([Vox](, [](https://w
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columbus/)." _The Metropreneur Columbus_. October 30, 2015. * [Benefit corporation (corporate struct... lutocrats who were mismanaging corporate assets" (302). In response, "The new logic of shareholder pri... er than obtaining the desired financial results" (303). "Under the sway of the new economy orthodoxy, ... ncreasingly regarded as soft-minded and suspect" (304). * Quotes two official policy statements fr
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or noon in front of Denver’s Union Station, at 12:30 p.m. at the Pavilions on the 16th Street Mall and... ](, Volume tw
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ttp://, [_Jackson Free Press_ summary](, and [details on Lumumba's financing](http:
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Behavior Research Methods_ 46, no. 1 (2013): 112-130. * "We show that crowdsourced workers are lik... akland/dawn-of-the-digital-sweatshop/Content?oid=3301022&showFullText=true)." _East Bay Express_. Augu... g from paper: "'Workers tend to be younger (about 30 years old), overeducated, underemployed, less rel... profhacker/the-ethics-of-amazons-mechanical-turk/23010)." _The Chronicle of Higher Education_. March 1
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