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Belgian freelancer network spreading to countries across Europe ### Co-working * [[Enspiral]] * Pri... The Online Platform Economy attracted individuals across the income spectrum, but low- and moderate-income... ir traveling was a means of spreading innovations across Europe * "Two of the most outspoken critics o... ying women**." (175) Followed by examples. * "Across Europe, as we have seen, the same industry could
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sociation]( - "cooperatives across the country have formed the National Renewables C... ive and noted the work that electric cooperatives across the country were doing to develop community solar... the presidential election, as election officials across the nation continue to analyze polling place retu... nd edited by Vic Reinemer). _[[source:doyle-lines_across_the_land|Lines Across the Land: Rural Electric Co
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at crowdsourced workers are likely to participate across multiple related experiments and that researchers... f workers is typically not known, their responses across different HITs can be monitored, integrated, and ... the workers coming from the subcontinent" * "Across US-based workers, there are significantly more fe... mographic variables reported by the same subjects across two different studies, and find between 81% and 9
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operatives concerns at least 279.4 million people across the globe, in other words 9.46% of the world’s em... thirties and forties a number of others appeared across the country. The medical cooperatives, as the lea
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nse of *how long* they work" * "We found that across all countries, control over one’s work schedule i... re than 300,000 workers struck thousands of shops across the United States in a national campaign for the
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reseller and retailer and the clients they serve across the SMB and Consumer markets," at least partially... nt out, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen, across the border from Hong Kong and far from Beijing. H
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is by Simon Hix and Giacomo Benedetto shows that, across 31 democracies, the vote share for radical right ... * New evidence: "data collected by YouGov across seven European countries in 2017 shows that dissa
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part in real cutting edge research in many fields across the sciences, humanities, and more" * [Zotero](
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ch suggestions as: disaggregating Google services across multiple firms; using government power to require
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of Co-operative Trusts and Co-operative Academies across the UK" ### Universities * [Friends Institute
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n * Among smaller companies, allows workers across several companies to set up a fund that the compa
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ational cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America" headquartered near Denver * [Col
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rizontal* (consortia within sectors), *vertical* (across sectors, such as between supply and purchasing co
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economic system built on a series of cooperatives across all economic sectors. The initial objective is to
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gan in Portland between 2009 and 2012, has spread across the country. [Original guidebook](http://www.nrel
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