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enewables * Rice, Nathan. "['The last word is action'](" _High Country News_. October 10, 2010. * Apr... bying * [ACRE]( - "The Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE®) is the federal Political Action Committe
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s making schedule change requests or taking legal action ### Campaigns * Brown, Jenny. "[Fight Is on ... -want-to-changezara)." * Retail Action Network's [Just Hours](http://retailactionproject... at the Center for a New American Dream * Retail Action Project's [Just Hours](http://retailactionproject... this country has been accomplished through labor action, through strikes and direct action on the job ...
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s against Lilliputians: Small Players' Collective Action as a Counter to Relational Market Power](http://h... can establish an efficiency defense,' collective action will be subject to the per se rule governing hori... binations." - "But there is no general collective action defense in antitrust law, even for small players ... ous risks to permitting small players' collective action. If small buyers can cartelize to offset the powe
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credit unions by empowering young adults to take action" * [Credit Union Service Organizations](https:/... , 2014. * [The Toolbox for Education and Social Action](, "a worker-owned c... perative]( * [Research Action Design]( - "Research Action Design (RAD) uses community-led research, transformative medi
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e/180)) * Summer 2005: First discussed the bank action idea with friends. Got excited about it in August... pain for Brazil * September 17, 2008: Announces action with publication of _Crisi_ broadsheet * March ... on Bitcointalk](;u=318669) * [smartactions on Twitter](h
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uce clear demands, a coherent strategy, realistic action plans, and concrete timelines. It must also organ... self into units of implementation, committee’s or action groups, to carry out the various assignments dictated by the strategy and action plans." * Underlying assumptions: 1. Th
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hrough Congress, see what others think, then take action. Telling your reps how you feel is easier than ev... derstood as the practice of networking and taking action for empowerment, justice and social transformatio
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information deficit and promote better collective action" * Paolacci, G., Chandler, J. (2014). "Inside t... charged incidents became a trigger for collective action [10]. This campaign became Dynamo’s largest and m
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21, 1991. * Speiser, Stuart M. _A Piece of the Action: A Plan to Provide Every Family with a $100,000 S... ld, 1977. * {{ :source:speiser-a_piece_of_the_action.pdf |Notes}} * Shapiro, T. Rees. "[Stuart M.
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ught faircoins](;u=318669;sa=showPosts;start=520). It seem... v," is 4/23/14](;u=258052;sa=showPosts) * [5/11/14 ana
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situations that are fluid and ill-defined, taking action to defend democracy becomes particularly difficul... ress created executive departments in 1781, an action that resulted in an unforeseen yet inevitable los
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code and teach others to code as a form of direct action." ### Texts * Coleman, Gabriella. _Coding Fre
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nver, CO set to open in August, 2017" * [Denver Action Network](
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-Robert Tyran. "[Self-Organization for Collective Action: An Experimental Study of Voting on Formal, Infor
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d Average Citizens](" _P
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