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gical footprint and energy consumption per capita after controlling for factors such as labour productivi... and surer than political action. And beyond it---after the storm---is a scientifically planned and order... * Adopted 6-hour day in Depression, reverted after the war * A shift in perspective and rhetoric... screenings and make the workers wait longer. Now, after a long day of backbreaking labor, these workers m
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cipates in Western Michigan University occupation after murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. * 1969: Gradu... or-with-militant-past-who-won-over-skeptics.html) after joining the Republic of New Afrika * 1971: [Fir... kwe-lumumba-militancy-mainstream/) on December 29 after Lumumba's defense, released January 7, 2011 * M... /)." _Jackson Free Press_. April 3, 2013 (updated after his death). * "I picked the name Chokwe becau
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erce was probably the Escola do Comércio, founded after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake." * "In 1853, Illi... become the driving force of the Industrial League after the Civil War. Wharton, a powerful monopolist and... iness education between research and skills * After WWI, "Frederick Taylor, a mechanical engineer and... sts. Student demand for these courses skyrocketed after economists proved unable to predict or explain th
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undamental reason that humans should have to work after automating most of life. We should prefer to liv... hing of culture, science, and progress in a world after Basic Income." * "[What is an appropriate lev... e killed. When we have increasing production—year after year after year—some of that needs to be reinvested in society." * Waldman, Steve Randy. * "[VC fo
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ramework of a program, they bring ideas that live after them." * "Latin America can no longer tolerat... e without needing to take recourse to the market. After enclosure, the environment became primarily a res... commons discourse * 2013 Oakland conference: "[After the Crisis: The Thought of Ivan Illich Today]("
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eratives/)." July 25, 2016. * "After his 2012 election as governor, Pence backed a 201... e Broadcasting Network_. February 18, 2016. * After taking the stage, noting "it's a lot of people," ... king co-ops public"; withholding federal support "after seventy years of subsidies" (45) * In support... nt for how legacy government programs linger long after their usefulness * Lincoln, Murray D. _Vice Pre
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age and pain in Turkland, even with IRB approval. After a recent research mishap on Turkopticon, a group ... f a work day, as a Mechanical Turk worker." * After trying some turking, "students are less likely to... the accuracy of this information for their jobs. After several days of investigation, the Turkopticon co
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c needs and implement price controls. * "Soon after the 2012 liberation, Turkey closed all its border... va had been nationalized under the Syrian regime. After the revolution, this formerly state-owned land wa
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hants could use as a point-of-sales." * "Soon after, Occupy Wall Street happened. I knew someone who ... York Times_. March 1, 2014. * This was a week after the Mt. Gox collapse * "The Bitcoin phenomeno
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n ownership through patronage commitments * After the first experiment in California, laws were cha
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icans were only allowed to establish cooperatives after 1930s. The first piece of legislation on cooperat
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s well. You can do this by specifying a file name after language code like this: <code> <file php myexam
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poem,)" (988) ## Democracy in the New World * After war, "I can conceive of no better service in the
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848) * Origins of the waqf in 700s, a century after Mohammed * Original definition in terms of im
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s how the definition of cooperatives in textbooks after WWII started being perverted (such as in Boulding
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