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efficient possible form of wealth redistribution because there is no bureaucratic overhead needed. More m... me for all is an old idea receiving new attention because of the recent labour-market upsets." * Page, La... ? No, they don’t. There are people with no voice, because they have no dollars." * "And that’s basic ... re politically feasible than means-tested welfare because it unites the poor and middle-class in a common b
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be considered ethical" * "Forums only work because of delicate relationships of trust and mutual aid... * "Your use of the Site is at your own risk. Because Amazon Mechanical Turk is not involved in the act... f HITs. My goal here was to find academic studies because I thought maybe they would pay reasonably, and pr... -service. Now this is human-as-a-service'" * "Because AMT’s participation agreement grants employers fu
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after his death). * "I picked the name Chokwe because in my African history class I learned that the Ch... nd small money in many ways including politically because the people with the money the determinant of who ... ented immigrants: "I want them to become citizens because I think their blend into the political process as... ." * "Change does not come on thoughts alone; because we have a revolutionary ideology and give speeche
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output or to achieve some minimum level of wages because frankly they're not very productive," [Jon] Messe... rkers in most other rich countries, in large part because Americans receive much less paid annual leave" --... reenings are not the principal activity of Amazon because they were not hired to go through screenings, and they are not integral and indispensable because Amazon could have easily eliminated the screening
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c erosion may be better than democratic cataclysm because it is less likely to be violent, but incremental ... ed by Foa and Mounk. This is an important insight because the prescription of a healthy cure requires a cor... da argues that democracy resembles deconstruction because its dual foundations exist in tension with one an... er: neither freedom nor democracy becomes reified because each critiques the other. Democracy exists, there
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8). * Argues that guilds were abolished not because they were uncompetitive but because they were abolished by decree, against the common claim that they were... institutions arise and survive for centuries not because they are efficient but because they serve the distributional interests of powerful groups." * Ogilvie, S
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reappraisal of your program. You close your eyes because you want to go ahead and could not do so if you l... nd apolitical. The political process breaks down, because people cease to be able to *govern* themselves; t... usually unwritten. It was unwritten law not only because people did not care to write it down, but because what it protected was a reality much too complex to fit
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n figure out what you want to do as a human being because it takes care of your living expenses. Eventually... owners, and the more you own, the freeer you are. Because such propertarians do not want to see the existin... ogies, though, are empowering right now precisely because they are underdogs. They introduce diversity into
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like “government agencies” from 1936 to 1973 because they received so many federal tax dollars.... bled true “co-operatives” from 1974 to 1984 because they were able to generate sufficient membe
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blems that made cooperative ownership attractive. Because of today's more rigorous antitrust enforcement an
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or need not go hungry * A term with odd grammar because its referent goes unsaid * Where real democracy
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active in anti-poverty efforts such as Head Start because she saw the link between education, jobs, and pol
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oyees are allocated shares in Huawei," apparently because of legal limitations. * "Judging from the p
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closed all its border crossings to trade" * "Because of the Syrian state’s treatment of Rojava, nothin
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Mulready said. But the group is nonetheless wary because of how vast of an impact it could have." … "'When
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