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published, including a reference that it might be better, rather than punishing thieves, to "provide every... acter, their independence, or their incentives to better their own conditions." * 1965: Sargent Shriver ... sic-income-vs-unemployment-insurance-which-is-the-better-safety-net/) * 2015: In San Francisco, the firs... ia * Standing, Guy. "[Cash transfers can work better than subsidies](
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for me to realize that it could be run much, much better to everyone’s benefit." * "if we’re the one... s. For instance, it would be great if there was a better flagging mechanism, and if Mechanical Turk took i... nts are naïve, and groups of researchers would be better off if they could coordinate their recruitment ef... age wage is $1.40 per hour (of course, you’ll get better work the more you pay)." * "the service, so f
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ctober 28, 2014. * Sutherland, Jeff. "[Shorter, Better, Faster, Stronger]( s been contested more vigorously than demands for better conditions or even increased wages." * "The... ke extra money or profit, they worked in order to better themselves. … / They did not work overtime. They ... life are not those which are found in warehouses. Better than these are books, pictures, statues—the vario
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ovement that aims to enable its members to live a better life. We want to do this on a large-scale, with o... ltancy with Adam Schwartz * [Cooperatives for a Better World]( - "a ... - "an aspiring #platformcoop that applies better practices in open data management to cooperative ... ]( - "to help farmers better control and manage their electronic data and prom
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ement movement, which he considered a move toward better labor relations. However, he was demonized as the... can affect or are affected by it, then we have a better chance to deal effectively with these three probl... y treated as the science of contracts. This would better describe forms of organization, such as firms. Wh
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s politicians should take to make New York City a better place," part of Devin Balkind's campaign for NYC ... ffectively engage 21st century citizens and build better democracies" * [Discuto]( our proposal, identify conflicting views, suggest better solutions and find common ground" * [Flux](http
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ers a suite of services designed to make your ISP better. Our TrueBand line of services delivers true solu
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er as a group. Working together, we can negotiate better deals and ensure higher quality service all while
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ard incumbents). * "Democratic erosion may be better than democratic cataclysm because it is less like
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significantly reshaping their industries for the better. * Foer, Albert A. and Sandeep Vaheesan. "[Goog
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an accounting system to help agricultural co-ops better access to credit by establishing their own sacco
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push more providers to states where they command better pay." * Includes a proposed timeline for the
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e New World * After war, "I can conceive of no better service in the United States, henceforth, by demo
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less democracy and more epistocracy could lead to better governance. Democracy leaves power to the majorit
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ime )]( - "helps you to unplug better, thanks to app blocking, communications filter an
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