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ew Christian" family, moved to Louvain, wrote the book as a letter to the mayor of Bruges. * The pro... uaranteed income via a negative income tax in his book _Capitalism and Freedom_, based on a 1956 lecture. In his 1980 book _Free to Choose_, he wrote: "We should replace th... n the Senate. * 1973: Daniel Patrick Moynihan's book _The Politics of a Guaranteed Income_ describes t
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for booksprints * Smith, Phillip, "[A beautiful book sprint for Beautiful Trouble: Tips on collaboratively writing a book](" June 13, 2011. * [Sprint Beyond the Boo
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* "One illustration can be found in the 2007 book _From Higher Aims to Hired Hands_, written by Harvard’s Rakesh Khurana. In this important book, Khurana divides management education into three ... bridge, 2008. * [ review]( tp:// New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. * Sc
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source software that enables you to convert your book manuscript into a website that can be used for Op... eview" * Developed through Matthew Salganik's book _[Bit by Bit]( ..., a book subjected to open peer review * "[Open Review... iterature and Culture](" In _Illegal
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e." (24) ## Leaves of Grass (191-92) * opens book with "One's-self I sing,a simple separate person,... emocracy (167) * Ends "Backward Glance" and the book: "the strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to ... nd out the most wayward, spontaneous, fragmentary book ever printed." (690) * calls "two great spectac
2 Hits, Last modified: * Mathews, Race. _[Manning’s Children:... of-Co-operation-1988-Working-Class-Politics/Yeo/p/book/9781138213968)_. Routledge, 1988. ## Related
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]( * "[A Net Before the Web](" * "[History of the Internet](https:/
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/index.php/articles/article/267/)" and also has a book on the subject ### International comparisons ... ogg experiment in a 6-hour work day * See the book by Hunnicutt, [reviewed here](http://mrzine.month
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most sparsely settled areas, Case explains in his book. The changes also allowed co-ops to play a broade... Rural America]( 2013. * Cook, David R., Jr. and Charles T.
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el, W. Caleb. "[Why (and How) I Wrote My Academic Book in Plain Text](" September 28, 2012. * "[M
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n Rojava_. Pluto Press, 2016. * [The finished book]( * "Under the Ba’ath re
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ial-critic who drew wide public attention for his book 'Deschooling Society' (1971) — a polemic against ... g to Latin America. It was Illich who lent Hyde a book of anthropology that contained a chapter about Ma
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can Life]( University of Chicag
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ne of the early leaders was Didac Sánchez-Costa: [book on barter](
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of Openness]( University of Chicag
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