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funding.These interconnections start locally but build into regional, national, and international interl... o-ops that anyone could search, contribute to and build on?" * Andrews, A. Michael. _[Survey of Coopera... nd free software communities to develop tools and build platforms that meet your needs." * [CodeSolid](... chnology development, and collaborative design to build the power of grassroots social movements" * [Sa
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Keobler, Jason. [To Save Net Neutrality, We Must Build Our Own Internet]( rporate High-Speed Internet, Minnesota Farm Towns Build Their Own]( orporate-high-speed-internet-minnesota-farm-towns-build-their-own-20160803)." _YES! Magazine_. August 3, ... nd-Boosting Bills Would Enshrine Towns' Rights to Build Their Own Internet](
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tps:// - "Where we band together to build." * [Bioecon]( - "a pee... udents. It enables individuals and communities to build and visualize their shared knowledge and unlock t... etabeat_. October 3, 2014. Particular efforts to build alternatives: * [Demcra]( -
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ers and co-op members on innovative strategies to build community capital for sustainable economic growth... atheson said NRECA has been working for a year to build relationships with both major presidential candid
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for every citizen. * "[Why and How Should We Build a Basic Income for Every Citizen?](http://ieet.or... g/) - "The goal of the Basic Income Project is to build a smart phone application that uses crypto-digita
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os whom most rob us in order to denounce them and build some alternatives society]( 00-euros-whom-most-rob-us-order-denounce-them-and-build-some-alternatives-society-0/)." Blog of Enric Dur
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s to effectively engage 21st century citizens and build better democracies" * [Discuto](https://www.dis
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- "makes it easy for people all over the world to build companies together online" * [Consensys](https:
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grants, and workshops that help social innovators build technology-based products and services aimed at t
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nership in Denver" * Kornacki, Eric. "[How to Build a Place-Based Economy Where You Live](http://www.
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rmer cooperatives." * "The eventual aim is to build the entire economy of Rojava on the basis of coop
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ding to our own cloudy cultural image. We want to build community, relying on techniques, and are blind t
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iously, as we think this is the primary reason to build this type of social movement vehicle." * Some
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5 million words of Arabic, which allowed DARPA to build their social media translation database in 8 week