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Act]( * [JOBS exemption and DPO](http... f 'shareholder value'" (3). This was reflected in business schools, and led to a greater alignment between e... anagers came to be perceived as the problem. "The business media provided an image of corporate managers as ... * Quotes two official policy statements from the Business Roundtable. In 1990, it began: "Corporations are
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or the Working]( ew York * Center for Urban Pedagogy. _[Shifty Business]( (video). * Patel... t Workers: More Hours](" ... ericans Work So Much?]("
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s 9.46% of the world’s employed population." ## Business incubation * [[Enspiral]] - cooperative networ... week accelerator programme" in the UK * [Uptima Business Bootcamp]( - "an innovative network of member-owned business accelerators dedicated to providing entrepreneurs..." Uptima Business Bootcamp blog. October 16, 2017. * [Wayfinder C
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find great talent and people find great jobs" ## Business development * [Authentic Leadership Program](h... nts and friends." * [Boulder County Independent Business Alliance]( * [Center... ct as social innovators and deliver as successful business leaders" * [Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, CU-Boul... * [Mi Casa - Business Development](
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ding the consumer enough money to pay for home or business energy efficiency improvements and recovering the... of scale, standardizing system design, developing business models that allow low-income customers to partici... to take reins of energy group]( tion to which owners are entitled in other business contexts." (abstract) * "Many co-ops are cus
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oyment policy]( ve that if credit unions had a lower cap on their business lending, they would be more able to lend favorabl... ion that supports and promotes the employee-owned business model to educate the staff at the office on the f... ee-owned enterprises within the division of small business services" * Stephens (2015) recommends city-spo
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# Cooperative education ## Business education ### Academies (Non-accredited) * Cooperation Texas: [Cooperative Business Institute Academy]( * CooperationWorks! * [The Art ... t.cgi?article=1013&context=ilrtheses) * Harvard Business School: has done case studies on Mondragon *
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ival Bitcoin’s]( ." * "We never intended for this to be a real business." * "We wanted to start selling chips so peop... has always been an ideal-oriented problem, not a business-oriented one." * "if you don’t think this is ... itting the Economy](
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of the "public utility" concept to the newspaper business" * "Arrangements or combinations designed to ... ting dominance and gain advantage in new lines of business. But the FTC has yet to address directly the fact... is for growth: "a host of studies now shows that business formation in the country has declined drastically... Future of Facebook](,8599,1644040,00.html)." _Time_. July 17
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r pay and productivity. That is why, working with business, labor, and other stakeholders, we will incentivi... ployee-ownership-policy-1581548)." _International Business Times_. September 15, 2016. ## Technology compa... se-study-of-when-profit-sharing-works)." _Harvard Business Review_. September 24, 2015. * "Some U.S. l... .S. law as the guiding law in their international business" * "At Huawei’s inception, Zhengfei designe
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nd Stoker's [proposal]( ver QE for the people]( f income in making possible a creative life. ## Business * _McKinsey Quarterly_. "[The Great Decoupling... to Work to Get Paid?](
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lington Affordable]( es](" June 2, 2014. *... read the Wealth -- Let Workers Own a Piece of the Business They Work for]( ie-sanders-big-idea-spread-wealth-let-workers-own-piece-business-they-work)." _Alternet_. August 18, 2015.
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peration Evidence of advantages that cooperative business models can offer ## Addressing market failure ... networking that are largely unavailable to other business models ## Productivity benefits * Blasi et al... etain a larger share of their profits than other business models" ## Vertical integration * Menzani and
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ronto, Canada providing subscriber-owned home and business Internet access along with free Wi-Fi wireless In... ISPs are deploying fiber](
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potholes in our street too" * "We’re open for business, for people to come down and live. If you have a ... is unclear whether the mayor can impose quotas on business owners." * Nave, R. L. "[Profile: Chokwe Lumumb
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