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es, education tends to mean longer working hours, but in poorer countries it is the reverse. * Liana... not only mediated by gendered work hour cultures, but also culturally distinct parenting ideologies." ... nce, in France, people have shorter working hours but spend more of their free time in adult-oriented l... organizational commitment for both women and men, but it has a significant relationship to strain-based
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Family Assistance Plan passed the House in 1970, but was killed in the Senate. * 1973: Daniel Patric... just sit around and waste time on the Internet. But maybe, if everyone knew they had a safety net, we... , or more new research, or more novels." * "But this still doesn’t address the fundamental issue—... and economic collapse. It's not a question of if, but how soon." * Hawkins, Chris and Andrew - of [Ha
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s type of Assembly is dependent on mass outreach, but is structured, intentionally or unintentionally, ... . I'm the one that spoke up for them, not quietly but publicly." * "I'm not just trying to get blac... ttract a lot of people, not only black and white, but globally. That's what happens to cities (that) re... way back to Cairo, Egypt. Egypt used to be black, but it attracted cultures from everywhere. That's why
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research passes through AMT or is about Turkers, but ethics boards (IRBs) who review and approve resea... ng emails is a violation of the terms of service, but "AMT workers are highly individualistic. Most of ... use the Site and for no other purpose, including but not limited to, for purposes of solicitation, adv... e week later, none of my HITs have been rejected, but only about half have been accepted. I’ve only rec
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ts/holochain) - Not actually a blockchain system, but similar and different in interesting ways * Mas... of the nature of information being easy to spread but hard to stifle" * Nakamoto, Satoshi. [Original ... ed hardware. Tons of software was being developed but no hardware. So I set out to make an Android-powe... ng the technology to ourselves and simply mining, but that was never our intention. … If we wanted to m
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lCase]] to automatically create links by default, but this behavior can be enabled in the [[doku>config... ferent levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use indention... ferent levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use indention... L conversion is used for typography replacements, but can be configured to use other HTML as well. ===
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measures like home weatherization or heat pumps, but at least three co-ops provide financing for rooft... % "Black Friday," Dec. 29, 1972 (Doyle 1979, 11), but he reinstated the program in 1973 * **Ford** ... on. That’s a difficult thing for me to recommend. But I think that I cannot exempt the things that exis... at stake, not just in the presidential election, but with every Congressional, state legislative, and
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w firms in the economy exceeded the rate of exit. But the difference in rates narrowed measurably over ... ct of market power on inequality is understudied, but it appears to correlate market power concentratio... en in most rich countries over the past ten years but the increase has been biggest for American firms.... er se rule governing horizontal combinations." - "But there is no general collective action defense in
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he term democratic backsliding is frequently used but rarely analyzed. This explains why a careful rece... ataclysm because it is less likely to be violent, but incremental decline still presents us with import... signs of disaffection already in earlier decades, but this age pattern is not linked to a uniform tempo... dangers of this situation for democracy are real—but not for the reasons proposed by Foa and Mounk. Th
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their shareholders and society as a whole" (320). But by 1997 it had been changed to say: "the paramoun... lems." * "AACSB had been established in 1916, but its initial objectives were to help its elite mem... allenges." * "Khurana’s analysis is powerful, but I see our industry’s history differently, and thi... the firm defined by its tangible capital and ROI. But with this step, business educators legitimized th
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peak for the underdog who is outside all agencies but who is in an ever-growing majority." * Quite ... South American authorities, differently motivated but equally fearful, become accomplices in maintainin... : "Many of the members of CIASP were seminarians, but in many ways the organization was much more secul... pted ones without any way of returning the gift." But, "I was equally impressed by the hypocrisy of mos
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total memberships * Only 300 purchasing co-ops, but they represent 50,000 independent businesses. "In... ring funding.These interconnections start locally but build into regional, national, and international ... Alliance]( - Not a cooperative, but "an open source framework and a community of comm... 1, 2015. * Dewey, Caitlin. "[You don’t know it, but you’re working for Facebook. For free.](https://w
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ficult. Entrepreneurship is encouraged in Rojava, but only within the framework of cooperatives." *... ated altogether. … Syrian currency is still used, but while loans can be made interest cannot be charge... omy, needs are determined not by state or capital but by the communes. Of course, one commune alone is ... ps of Rojava may be used to counter IS, it seems, but their social and political model is to be starved
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rld democracy (929). his hope is not in the past but the "to come" * warns of "the appalling dangers... 35) * declares the democracy a material success but a spiritual, moral, literary failure (938) * th... * "to be a voter with the rest is not so much... But to become an enfranchised man [listing various fr... st not, and travel by maps yet unmade, and blank. But the throes of birth are upon us" (957) * "We ha
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stions the current valuation of labor (in "jobs") but not other forms of work. * "the way time is tre... worker. Time in labor may be declining, modestly, but time in work-for-labor is mounting." Now not just working hours are exploited, but non-working hours. Includes training, doing taxes
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