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p:// * Introduced by California Rep. George Miller, who is planning to... p:// * Cit... Effect. October 2014. * A great study funded by the travel industry about how little time America
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es. Simply have a look at the source of this page by pressing "Edit this page". If you want to try som... a paragraph, you can use two backslashes followed by a whitespace or the end of line. This is some te... nly recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace \\this happens without it. This... y recognized at the end of a line\\ or followed by\\ a whitespace \\this happens without it. You sh
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st decentralized energy exchange platform powered by renewable energy" * Voinea, Anca. "[Blockchai... s the primary barrier to investment in new energy by homeowners, small businesses and enterprises: the... y-improvements.aspx)." April 7, 2015. * State by state listing of legislation around on-bill finan... f presenting on-bill financing options, advocated by Holmes Hummel's Clean Energy Works. * "Electr
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June 2014. * 1937: Rochdale Principles adopted by the ICA * _[The Present Applications of the R... sefrvices" * "233 million Americans are served by co-op owned and affiliated insurance companies" In 2009, a report by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperativ... * "The vast majority of cooperatives are owned by consumers, with most producer cooperatives existi
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r shareholders and society as a whole" (320). But by 1997 it had been changed to say: "the paramount d... was demonized as the source of the labor problem by both unions and politicians." * By "1942, HBS had militarized and become a school for operations ... houghtful responses to particular questions posed by the wider socio-economy." * "One illustration
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rder not to have to accept this one people as his by becoming a part of them" * Illich, Ivan. "[The ... rica. "The project relied on an impulse supported by uncritical imagination and sentimental judgment."... n Church; taste the bitterness of the damage done by our sacrifices?" * "This kind of foreign gene... h Atlantic cultural phenomena and policy." * "By becoming an "official" agency of one kind of prog
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or men to become what God intended them to become by free response. The fact that many will doubtless ... gan in Brazilian town of Quatinga Velho organized by the organization [ReCivitas](" _Project Syndicate_. October 31, 2016. * Citizens' di
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in the wild. … SurveyMan addresses these problems by controlling the experimental setup of a survey. By automating large portions of the deployment and de... p:// irty years ago, do not address many issues raised by the unique characteristics of Internet research"
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:// - Ethereum-based (led by Joseph Lubin) “venture production studio” that is... - "Complementary currency toolkit" created by D-CENT and * [Grantcoin]( alue in Commons-Based Peer-Production," conceived by Primavera De Filippi * [SolarCoin](http://solar... p pools: Discus Fish,, BitFury, followed by the batch of unknown miners * []
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and incentive to defend and expand their position by influencing political and regulatory decisions" ... divided the economy into 900-odd sectors covered by America’s five-yearly economic census. Two-thirds... ince the 1970s (although an index of startups run by the Kauffman Foundation has shown flickers of lif... ther. ... they may well set the tone, for example by demanding that chief executives remain discipline
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ish women fighters, the ‘Mujeres Libres’." * "By renouncing the creation of a nation state and by pushing for democratic confederalism, what Ocalan ha... not the prerequisite for democracy any more, and by doing so it may be making a historical step in th... istration has taken over the land previously held by Syrian government officials and distributed much
12 Hits, Last modified: - "a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.[1] The techn... als traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks" ([Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.o... sense of where you are in comparison with others, by comparing the output in generalized categories li... on, then enter time later on. Organize your time by projects or tags, and mark it as 'billable.' Togg
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an. The Plan is a transformative vision developed by the New Afrikan People’s Organization, the Malcol... ls, regardless of if the Assembly makes decisions by some type of voting process or some form of conse... ps, to carry out the various assignments dictated by the strategy and action plans." * Underlying ... sembly. The Task Force is a body directly elected by the Assembly, serve at its will, and is subject t
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"to improve the health of the youth and community by increasing access to healthy foods, increasing ph... org/about/southern-reparations-loan-fund/), aided by Working World and others ## Historical examples ... land trust and farm collective owned and operated by approximately a dozen black farm farmers from 196... center](, led by Shirley and Charles Sherrod * Fletcher, C
10 Hits, Last modified:, a course by the Democracy at Work Institute ### Universities... ainable, equitable, and socially just future" led by John Restakis and Pat Conaty * Also: [Synergi... h-mondragon-corporation-on-union-coops/) * "By partnering with Mondragon USA, the CED Clinic aim... Leadership]( * Directed by [Michael L. Cook](
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