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. One quarter of the workers are scheduled for on-call shifts, and the vast majority report that they fi... t from a supervisor if they are needed for the on-call shift only two hours before the shift starts." ... effect I see the sign of a deep defect in what we call the progress of society. It cannot be the design ... ead either as an apology for exploitation or as a call to disconnect work from capital. ### Interfaith
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es of our people. If these demands are not met we call on our people to become 'ungovernable' through ma... for resources, so if you want to do that you can call (601) 960-1084 and ask for Brother Kali. He’ll set you up." * Ends with a call for a black migration to Jackson like the one to
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asic unit of production. This is explicitly not a call for worker cooperation, exactly, or even worker o... g prices by controlling output. * Ends with a call for further investigation (585). --- ## Biblio
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* [hitRECord]( - "we call hitRECord an open collaborative production compan... or of the Sustainable Economies Law Center * [Call to turn sharing economy companies into coops](htt
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nry Dougier, 2016. * "[Ideological bases of the call for Integral Revolution](https://integrarevolucio... t/en/integral-revolution/ideological-bases-of-the-call/)." Integra Revolucio. * Troncoso, Stacco. "[A
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graph, we could sign into a Facebook competitor — call it MyBook — and, through that network, instantly ... riends’ messages to MyBook, as we reroute a phone call." ## Intellectual property * Hesse, Carla. "
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id. "[Killing Net Neutrality Has Brought On a New Call for Public Broadband](
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the planet receives its benefits, in a process I call Heaven on Earth." * Diamandis, Peter - of the X
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ls of Rojava government is to implement what they call a ‘social economy’ – an economic system built on
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America_. January 21, 1967. * Begins with the call for 10% of religious to go to Latin America. "The
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o will force DokuWiki to rerender a page on every call | ===== Syntax Plugins ===== DokuWiki's syntax
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fying bureaucrats, and to wait around at beck and call. They are subject to surveillance and must be ins
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n calls for a new kind of labor politics - what I call mindful labor. A politics of mindful labor allevi
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