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erlined__ and ''monospaced'' texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. DokuWiki su... lined__ and ''monospaced'' texts. Of course you can **__//''combine''//__** all these. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can use <sub>subscript</sub> and <sup>superscript</su
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post](!/page14... gift certificate. All other international Workers can only disburse to an gift certificate. ... logical experiments such as breaching experiments can sow discord and destroy relationships. Positivist... attempts to control and measure a forums effects can confuse workers, create anxieties in the communit
14 Hits, Last modified: * While laborers can do 8 hours, knowledge workers are supposedly most... a in terms of incentives, etc. * Unionization can work in favor of full time work and even widen th... ible alternatives to just-in-time scheduling that can lead to healthier work schedules." * "[Irregula... ) * "A man should be so much at liberty that he Can Pursue his main End without distraction. Labor to
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must develop progress, or rather, a program—and I can't stay on this long—that will drive the nation to... ) * India * Standing, Guy. "[Cash transfers can work better than subsidies]( hat you should be able to, like, eat and what you can buy with food stamps and all this stuff. Forget h
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ve finance and argues that financial cooperatives can be considered as human-made common goods." * Si... tive Group is exploring how blockchain technology can be used to prove the authenticity of its food in ... developers upon which the emerging ag data market can rapidly grow" ### Related * [[technology#fair... 2, 2015. * Gorenflo, Neal. "[How Platform Coops Can Beat Death Star Platforms to Create a Real Sharin
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omous projects, pressure outside institutions. It can be thought of as an event, a process, and an inst... mediate recall by the Assembly (meaning that they can be replaced, with due process, at any time)." Als... ." * Some historical notes on what assemblies can accomplish in various kinds of circumstances. ... nsibilities as far as my law firm is concerned. I can't do both. Those things are not compatible."
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continuing to remain what he is. Only great love can motivate a man to do this, a deep knowledge is re... and a mark of delicacy and charitable toleration, can become an imitation of the Incarnation in a uniqu... ling." * "We must acknowledge that missioners can be pawns in a world ideological struggle and that... ideas that live after them." * "Latin America can no longer tolerate being a haven for U. S. libera
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ts or combinations designed to stifle competition can not be immunized through a membership device whic... dence has evolved." * "Unless the small firms can establish an efficiency defense,' collective acti... small players' collective action. If small buyers can cartelize to offset the power of a powerful selle... ysis shows that equilibrium in a two-sided market can be characterized as a one-sided market in which t
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the wider socio-economy." * "One illustration can be found in the 2007 book _From Higher Aims to Hi... ## Guilds * Davidson, Adam. "[What Hollywood Can Teach Us About the Future of Work]( _The New... and Indian examples (6) * Ogilvie, Sheilagh. "[Can We Rehabilitate the Guilds? A Sceptical Re-Apprai
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… Syrian currency is still used, but while loans can be made interest cannot be charged. There are no ... nd become full members of co-ops. Commune members can also join co-ops, once the commune has approved t... ir membership." * "Only one person per family can hold a management position in a commune or a co-o... who has been to Rojava several times. * Cemgil, Can and Clemens Hoffmann. "[The 'Rojava Revolution' i
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ore offering energy services, a solid OBF program can help a co-op maintain its role of trusted energy ... d trash together as a group. Working together, we can negotiate better deals and ensure higher quality ... lectric co-ops that few other American presidents can match. His father had been a director of Sumter E... nd electric cooperatives, we need a Congress that can come together to pass meaningful legislation to a
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nd not its demise." * "Democratic backsliding can thus constitute democratic breakdown or simply th... f a given set of democratic institutions. Thus it can sometimes occur with the intention of deepening r... tional support for populist-authoritarian parties can be observed; in the United States and in many Eur... ife, however, it sustains" * "Since democracy can never be reduced to either simple commensurabilit
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ork Times_. December 2, 2015. * Scola, Nancy. "[Can Washington Be Automated?]( /) candidates in Australia * Peters, Adele. "[Can Technology Save Democracy?](" _Fast Company_. Marc... allenges centuries-old presumptions of how voters can participate in the democratic process." * [Demo
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ur ASIC production when the time came." * "We can’t have a monopoly in mining. It's not very good f... * "This machine liberates people. Suddenly, you can figure out what you want to do as a human being b... s extreme, though, the apparently utopian project can begin to take on a dystopian, conservative hue." ... ten by Barclays lawyers." * Scott, Brett. _[How Can Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Play a R
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tside of work, too." * "With Chronos, users can quickly see a breakdown of where and how they spe... d Turkey to block sites like Facebook so that you can concentrate on studying." * [Focus@Will](https:... ng on students’ privacy. As it turns out, Fitbits can record calories burned during sex—which created a... g a hierarchical workplace in which trivial tasks can be delegated down to other, less powerful employe
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