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hed off, leaving the firm defined by its tangible capital and ROI. But with this step, business educators l... omoted were of a skill-enhancing, quality-adding, capital-saving kind, as opposed to later capital-driven innovations (696) * Success as a system for investment in human capital (701) * The benefits and mutual monitoring
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* Andrews, A. Michael. _[Survey of Co-operative Capital]( Filene, 2017 [?]. * Christensen, Glenn. ... uity]( * [Shared Capital Cooperative]( - "a nat... * Andrews, A. Michael. _[Survey of Cooperative Capital](
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mbers on innovative strategies to build community capital for sustainable economic growth and empowerment" ... erative Finance Corporation (CFC) founded through capital markets * 1972: Under **Nixon**, the USDA inter... David R., Jr. and Charles T. Autry. _[Summary of Capital Credits Litigation]( Autry, Hor
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reholders in public works * ICOP - individual capital ownership plan * enabling undercapitalized ... ough special allowances * COMCOP - commercial capital ownership plan * a plan for distributing ow... p of commercial real estate * PUBCOP - public capital ownership plan * For privatization of public assets and services * RECOP - residential capital ownership plan * capital credit for homebuy
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?v=bArH8r8jJ4g)" TED Talks. October 22, 2014. * Capital income * Varoufakis, Yanis. "[The Universal Right to Capital Income](" _Project Sy... * "In effect, the state could provide venture capital to the people. If ordinary citizens had a small b
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to dramatically higher hashing rates at the same capital and operating costs" * Hearn, Mike. "[Mining De... raphy * Bollier, David. "[Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons](" January 14, 2016. * Carrillo, Raúl.
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ked on a number of civil rights cases and opposed capital punishment * 1999-2000: Prostate cancer, treate... ra. "[After Death of Radical Mayor, Mississippi's Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision](" _YES! Magazin
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ves, often involving the non-taxation of members' capital credits held by the cooperative. * Blasi et al. (2013): progressive capital gains taxation, provide tax abatement only to com... * See [this summary](
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to create banks for holding savings, and private capital will not be banned from investing in the region a... s." * Detailed rules about the governance and capital limits for cooperatives * Biehl, Janet. _Ecolog... ial economy, needs are determined not by state or capital but by the communes. Of course, one commune alone
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art shows drastic increase of corporate return on capital in recent years * "Unlike earlier acquisition... shareholders such as BlackRock, State Street and Capital Group. Together they own 10-20% of most American ... and roadways of the Internet economy. Flush with capital, dominant platforms routinely buy out companies t
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exploitation or as a call to disconnect work from capital. ### Interfaith [International Labour Office: ... clear on this point. Near the end of Volume 3 of _Capital_, he famously argues that the 'true realm of free
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Stock Ownership Plans]( ocial Justice. * Refers to this as a kind of "Capital Homesteading" * Hockett, Robert C. "[What Kinds
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nder * [P2Bi]( - "Working capital that works, $250,000 to $10 million+ in an asset-
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The 1971 and 1977 reforms eased co-ops' access to capital, especially by protecting indivisible reserves, w
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* "Black cooperatives are chiefly in need of capital and technical assistance. The formation of the Fe
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