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f participation fees." * Duhigg, Charles. "[The Case Against Google](" _The New York Times Magazi... 2018. * Extended exploration of the antitrust case for Google, as well as an argument that even the ... ert A. and Sandeep Vaheesan. "[Google: The Unique Case of the Monopolistic Search Engine](https://academ
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ttp:// - in Oklahoma, a case of member-led reform, ousting a CEO who was indic... bb EMC]( - in Georgia, a case of member-led reform * [Cobb EMC forum](http:... pril 27, 2016. * Leroux, Ricky. "[Judge drops case against former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown](
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mples: Scialabba, George. "[The Free Banquet: The Case for Universal Basic Income](https://www.commonwea... December 9, 2016. * Manjoo, Farhad. "[A Plan in Case Robots Take the Jobs: Give Everyone a Paycheck](h... rights violations. * Dolan, Ed. "[The Economic Case for a Universal Basic Income (Part 1 of a series)..." _EconoMonitor_.
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ments are occasionally being reported. * [DARPA case study]( - "Mechanical Turk Workers translated 1.5 mil... US Army Research Lab]( * [Worker FAQ]( r standard*." * Recommends an escalation in case of problem: contact requester (cc-ing Dynamo) > I
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=ilrtheses) * Harvard Business School: has done case studies on Mondragon * [1984]( * [2002/2010]( er, 2017. * Hill, Roderick. "{{:source:hill-the_case_of_the_missing_organizations.pdf|The Case of the Missing Organizations: Co-operatives and the Textbooks
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ccessfully defended Bilal Sunni-Ali in the Brinks Case; held [in contempt]( for comments to judge * 1984: [Co-founded... pi State Bar." Describes the circumstances of the case. * Various members of the community and natio
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journalism)." Wikipedia. * Sill, Melanie. _[The Case for Open Journalism Now: A New Framework for Info... nd a community 
of volunteers together." ### The case of _The Guardian_ * Ellis, Justin. "[Alan Rusb
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ation among cooperatives, focusing on the Italian case * Roots of cooperation among cooperatives in ... ples be regarded as legally binding * Italian case * Explores the model of Italian co-ops owni
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* De Cremer, David and Tian Tao. "[Huawei: A Case Study of When Profit Sharing Works](" _Harvard Bu
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fail" banks ### Immunity * Hanna (1948): U.S. case law for agricultural co-ops and Associated Press ... l in the Massachusetts legislature * [Argentine case](
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greater share of ownership." - "[The Conservative Case for a Commons Way of Life](," _On the Commons_ * Bollier,
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the New Integrated National Transport Policy: The Case of 14-Seat Transport SACCOs in Kenya](http://www.
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aim is to create an open space where articles and case studies about co-operatives and the wider co-op e
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on guilds, especially that of Epstein. "Detailed case studies of what particular guilds actually did, c
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Williams dies (mm) * 1900 * June: Williams case settled out of court (mm) * 1902 * January:
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