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n]( * [Co-op Development Center]( ## Art * [Creative Strategies for Change](h... org/) - "RedLine is a non-profit contemporary art center. Our vision is to empower every person to create ... siness Alliance]( * [Center on Collaborative Governance](http://www.ucdenver.
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gs Considered_. March 6, 2015. * New York * Center for Urban Pedagogy. _[Shifty Business](http://vim... * Washington, D.C. * [National Women's Law Center]( owdsourcing]] ## Advocacy and organizations * Center for New Work - [Frithjof Bergmann](source:bergman... frithjof)'s organization in Flint, Michigan. * Center for Popular Democracy's [Restoring a Fair Workwee
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ummer-camp/) (ages 7-18) * [Co-op Development Center]( * [School for Democratic Management](https://... nsas State University: [Arthur Capper Cooperative Center]( - "located in the Depa... * North Dakota State University: [Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives](
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In 2009, a report by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, _[Research on the Economic Impa... , management, operations, and participation" * [Center for Economic Democracy](http://www.newdemocracy.u... yers interested in cooperative law" * [National Center for Employee Ownership]( *... e solidarity fund" * [Sustainable Economies Law Center]( * [Tuttle Law Group](http
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operative_act) from The Sustainable Economies Law Center * Valente (2017): Rhode Island worker co-op inc... les/consumer-stock-ownership-plans-csops/) at the Center for Economic Social Justice * Menzani and Zamag... 2012) proposed a National Cooperative Development Center and grants to local cooperative development cente... p" * Wisconsin Senate Bill 460: "establishing a center for employee ownership in the University of Wisco
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iatives/broadband/) * [Network Startup Resource Center]( - "We facilitate the growth o... Huter, Steven. "[How the Network Startup Resource Center helps bring Internet access to communities around... mmunities Network - effort through the Highlander Center to develop a broadband cooperative, funded by Moz
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with alignment ^^^ | right| center |left | |left | right| center | | xxxxxxxxxxxx | xxxxxxxxxxxx | xxxxxxxxxxxx... ith alignment ^^^ | right| center |left | |left | right| center | | xxxxxxxxxxxx | xxxxxxxxxxxx | xxxxxxxxxx
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6.pdf)." New Working Paper Series No. 12, Stigler Center at the University of Chicago (July 2017). ## Edu... nds)." _Shareable_. July 28, 2014. * Schumacher Center for New Economics * [Community Supported Indu... ervices needed in the region", via the Schumacher Center for a New Economics * [Rawson Brook Farm](htt... ecutive director of the Sustainable Economies Law Center * [Call to turn sharing economy companies int
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-Fuels-Policy-Brief.pdf) * [Conetoe Family Life Center]( - "to improve the healt... hard Joyner & Tobias Hopkins, Conetoe Family Life Center]( * [[Coopera... - Developing a [Black Workers Center]( to... 1985" * Now developing the [Resora retreat center](, led by Shir
3 Hits, Last modified:" * [Center for Cooperative Media](http://centerforcooperativ... -530pm-room-92069207/)." Lecture at CUNY Graduate Center. November 4, 2013. * "[The Digital Future of ... ch?v=v4qq01Qskv0)." Lecture at John Hope Franklin Center at Duke University, 2011. * Lawson, Konrad M. "
3 Hits, Last modified: * Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights * Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, esp... iversity Law School, where he created a Malcolm X Center. Afterward, became a public defender. * 1978: F... than where we are, but we in Mississippi are the center of commerce of that area." * "Mayors typicall
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se, Andrew. "{{:source:calabrese-periphery_in_the_center.pdf|The periphery in the center: the information age and the 'good life' in rural America}}." _Internatio... ngressional record](
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mic-justice/)." Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center. August 13, 1987. * "Some of the task force’s
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vehicles/consumer-stock-ownership-plans-csops/)." Center for Economic and Social Justice. * Refers to
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uploads/2016/06/28143212/RevivingAntitrust.pdf)_. Center for American Progress, 2016. * "financial mar
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