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/nowiki>''. <code java> /** * The HelloWorldApp class implements an application that * simply displays "Hello World!" to the standard output. */ class HelloWorldApp { public static void main(Strin... enerated inline HTML)'; </php> <PHP> echo '<table class="inline"><tr><td>The same, but inside a block lev... echo ' (inline HTML)'; </php> <PHP> echo '<table class="inline"><tr><td>The same, but inside a block lev
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overtime rates)." * "Rather than organize our class at the point of production, many labor "reformers... kers take control of industry from the capitalist class. * section heading: "Short Hours, THE Revolut... opment of the fighting spirit, the solidarity and class consciousness of the workers." (36) * [IWW: "Mo... on, Dan and Naomi Gerstel. _Unequal Time: Gender, Class, and Family in Employment Schedules_. Russell Sag
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end up helping truly poor people more and middle class people less, and we’d presumably cut a ton of gov... from other more acheivable goals for the working class. * Identifies with the left, but considers ... ted welfare because it unites the poor and middle-class in a common benefit. * "Means-tested progra
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Peter. "[Jubilating; Or, How the Atlantic Working Class Used the Biblical Jubilee Against Capitalism with... ona Press, 1987. * Moore, Charles. "[The Middle-Class Squeeze](" _The Wall Street Journal_. S
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edge Revivals: New Views of Co-operation: Working-Class Politics in Britain and Sweden](https://www.routl... e-Revivals-New-Views-of-Co-operation-1988-Working-Class-Politics/Yeo/p/book/9781138213968)_. Routledge, 1
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American imitations of the North American middle class. There is no way for you to really meet with the ... for you to meet on." - "when you and your middle class Mexican counterparts meet you will be told that y
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ked the name Chokwe because in my African history class I learned that the Chokwe tribe, which is a tribe... d equal treatment regardless of gender, color, or class." * "the reality is God blessed me to come ou
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sp.html)." University of California at Santa Cruz class project. June 6, 1996. * Goldstein, Jordan. "[W
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f Community Energy Cooperatives to create a multi-class, multi-race movement for a sustainable and just e
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on Take Over the World?](
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l source of our current problems is the increased class polarization and the marginalization of the lower
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wer. Were often at odds with the wealthy merchant class. * Minimizes the role of rent-seeking in gu
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d sanctifies the individual. It elevates an elite class of worker beyond the concerns of the ordinary and
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poralities * Jeffrey, Craig. _Timepass: Youth, Class and The Politics of Waiting in India_. Stanford U