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_]( ## The commons * Illich, Ivan. "[Silence Is a Commons](" * ... in which "I shall distinguish the *environment as commons* from the *environment as resource*." * "People called commons those parts of the environment for which customar
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eter. _[Capitalism 3.0: A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons]( Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2006. * Boll... er, David and Silke Helfrich. _[The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market & State](https://store.col... (Winter/Spring 2003). * [Digital Library of the Commons]( * [The Digit
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# "Commons" ## Etymology Alain Lipietz traces the notion of "the commons" not to Anglo-Saxon heritage but to the Norman wo... zs-wisdom)." ## Organization ### Chamber of the Commons * "[Chamber of the Commons](" P2P Foundation wiki. *
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Notions]( * [Commons Health]( * [Commons Strategies Group]( * [Commons Transition]( * [Gr... * [International Association for the Study of the Commons]( * [Las Indias](h
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he World Social Forum circulated a _[Reclaim the Commons Manifesto]( * 2001: Creative Commons * 2011-2012: Occupy * 2012 in Occupy Wall Street: [Making Worlds, Building the Commons in NYC]( *... nocer summit in Ecaudor, the first national-scale commons-based transition plan * October 2014: "Building
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for a cooperative system. * Conaty, Pat. "[The Commons and Co-operative Commonwealth](" Slides... directory of economic alternatives" from the Data Commons Cooperative * [Internet of Ownership](http://in... who wish to participate in reclaiming the credit commons" * McCartney, Kelly. "[New Cooperative Refina
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phy * Bezdomny. "[Sarantaporo Residents Create Commons in Rural Greece Through a DIY Wireless Mesh Netwo... avera and Félix Tréguer. "[Expanding the Internet Commons: The Subversive Potential of Wireless Community N... law/peer-reviewed-articles/expanding-the-internet-commons-the-subversive-potential-of-wireless-community-ne
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1092&context=dpubs_series)." Technical Disclosure Commons, 2015. * Josef, "[Liquid Democracy is NOT Del... ETICAL MODEL OF MATURE PEER PRODUCTION: TOWARDS A COMMONS-ORIENTED ECONOMY AND SOCIETY](https://wiki.p2pfou... ETICAL_MODEL_OF_MATURE_PEER_PRODUCTION:_TOWARDS_A_COMMONS-ORIENTED_ECONOMY_AND_SOCIETY)." In _Network Socie..." _Commons Transition_. April 2, 2015. * Restakis, John. _
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as an autonomous, open, democratically governed ‘commons’: An academic commons, democratically controlled by academic and support staff, students, cleaners and oth... bibliography * Backer, David I. "[Educating the Commons Through Cooperatively Run Schools](https://link.s... ek R. Ford, Graham B. Slater (eds.), _Educational Commons in Theory and Practice_. Springer, 2017. * Hill
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k-by-block in the margins of a text" * [Digital Commons Network]( - "brings ... * Enis, Matt. "[Uncommonly Open: The New Digital Commons Network]( * _[Planned Obsolescence](, a book subjected to o... uture of Scholarly Communication](
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* [Sabir]( - "Measuring value in Commons-Based Peer-Production," conceived by Primavera De... er, David. "[Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons](" January 14, 2016. * Carrillo, Raúl. "[Altern
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# Enterprise Commons-based businesses such as cooperatives and other forms of community ownership. ## Co... , the "Open Value Network (OVN) is an approach to commons-based peer production." * [Assembly](https://a... who wish to participate in reclaiming the credit commons" * McCartney, Kelly. "[New Cooperative Refina
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ship as well as improved privacy" * [Ubiquitous Commons]( - "an internationa... technologies" * Bollier, David. "[Ubiquitous Commons: The Struggle to Control Our Data](" March 19, 2015. ###
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re of ownership." - "[The Conservative Case for a Commons Way of Life](," _On the Commons_ * Bollier, David. "[A New Commodity Is Born: Breast Milk](https://blog.p2pf
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"Commoning" * Peter Linebaugh: "There is no [[commons]] without commoning" ## Bibliography * Ristau... s Commoning, Anyway?](" _On the Commons_. March 3, 2011.
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