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at consolidating in America, allowing the merged companies to increase their market shares and cut their costs. The companies in question usually make no pretence of planning ... Group. Together they own 10-20% of most American companies, including ones that compete with each other. ...... hold sufficient power to direct the fate of other companies, deciding who floats or sinks. / Restoring anti-m
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re served by co-op owned and affiliated insurance companies" In 2009, a report by the University of Wisconsi... ve Package Introduced to Encourage Employee-Owned Companies]( ve-package-introduced-to-encourage-employee-owned-companies)." Senator Bernie Sanders press release. May 11, ... arily utility cooperatives and telecommunications companies" * [Nilenso]( - "is an
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ntability * Hart, Oliver and Luigi Zingales. "[Companies Should Maximize Shareholder Welfare Not Market Va... eminism Wiki_. * Dash, Ellen Marie. "[On Open Companies, Consent, and Safety (among other things)](" _Model V..." ## Wiki companies Various approaches to organizing companies as ei
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m/) - "a certification program for employee-owned companies" * Gallatin, Albert. The treasury secretary for... nd granted tax advantages, especially for private companies. Rather than buying company stock with wages, the... modification allowed 401(k) retirement plans for companies, making ESOPs less attractive * 1984: Sen. Long... nated tax incentives for ESOPs in publicly traded companies * Clinton incentivized profit-sharing among exe
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could these incentives be applied to early-stage companies so as to encourage such companies to design their early growth with this as a possible option in mind? ## C... nforcement and heightened regulation of insurance companies, these cooperative advantages have diminished" ... tal gains taxation, provide tax abatement only to companies with broad-based ownership * Michael (2017) *
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mutual stock ownership plan * Among smaller companies, allows workers across several companies to set up a fund that the companies could then draw from for capitalization * CSOP - consumer stock owne... a producer co-op (or consumer co-op) * For companies or utilities with consistent, long-term customer
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ive but real winnings of entrepreneurs. Microwork companies attract more generous investment terms when investors perceive them as *technology companies* rather than labor companies." * "The characterization of Turk work as menial and mindless serves the pr... human computation become, the less the “software” companies look like software—there go the valuations."
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ry 6, 2013. * Blumenstyk, Goldie. "[As Big-Data Companies Come to Teaching, a Pioneer Issues a Warning](" _The Chronicle of Higher Educat...
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n-bill financing, as well as the co-ops and other companies practicing it. * Vanvig, John. "[On-Bill Financ... c: "The widespread conversion of mutual insurance companies, savings and loan associations, and credit unions to stock companies shows that member rights can be enhanced by float
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es it easy for people all over the world to build companies together online" * [Consensys](https://consensy... g legacy mining concessions held by multinational companies, or SMEs contesting the terms of swap contracts w
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### Related * [[Employee_ownership#technology_companies|Employee ownership - technology companies]] ## Free software ### Organizations * [](https://www
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sek, Anna and D. T. Mongan. _All You Can Pay: How Companies Use Our Data to Empty Our Wallets_ (Nation Books,... to the company a scientist works for, to motivate companies to invest in research and development. Similarly,
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"We’re talking about creating jobs, creating new companies and then we move from there to talk about coopera... e jobs, and expand job creation to nontraditional companies." * "the movement of society depends on "Ujum
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patterns of young women in assembly jobs." * "Companies encourage the heroics of individual careers becau
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structure for the future of work: self-organizing companies that run via software, not paperwork" * [Tezos]
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