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ecially for private companies. Rather than buying company stock with wages, the program provisioned for gra... a, Huawei is a 100 percent employee-owned private company. We have offices and research facilities in 100 n... , 2015. * "Some U.S. lawmakers consider the company a security threat. For its part, Huawei’s interna... f that reality, Zhengfei felt that not owning the company was also the least dangerous thing for a founder
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at it is illegal to use the name cooperative in a company name unless you are incorporated as a coop under one of the coop statutes or the company is operating on a “cooperative basis” * New Y... tive-commonwealth)_. New International Publishing Company, 1913. * Restakis, John. _[Cooperative Commonwe... ses operating under Association, Co-operative and Company Law. It offers a unique multi-stakeholder approac
10 Hits, Last modified: * In UK: [Community interest company]( * Non-profit * Johnson, Cat. "[7 Ways to C..., formerly Gittip * "[The First Open Company](
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and dynamic governance models," via "For-Purpose" company, related to Holacracy * [Org chart on Glassfr... let-his-constituents-decide-how-he-votes)." _Fast Company_. January 2, 2018. * Casas, Camilo - with Parti... om/3068382/can-technology-save-democracy)." _Fast Company_. March 13, 2017. ## Participatory Budgeting ##... d-a-radical-political-party-in-argentina)." _Fast Company_. March 12, 2015. * Mancini, Pia. "[How to up
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:// - Employee-owned energy company #### Rural electric co-ops * [Colorado Rural ... ttp:// - Community solar company in Carbondale serving several Colorado REAs * S... er of the executive team" * New Belgium Brewing Company * "[We are 100% Employee Owned]( mpanies you care about and receive a share of the company's revenue" ### Bibliography * Burrasca, R.P.,
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* Eberlein, Sven. "[How to Start Your Own Power Company, Stop Coal and Nukes, and Transform Your City](ht... r) [considers the proposal]( for th
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w York" * Potter, Michael Allen. "[Bak Story: Company Manufactures Tablets on East Side](" _The Public_. ... rge, controversial, worker-owned Chinese hardware company; see [[enterprise#employee_ownership]] * [Puris
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ition with a profit maximizing firm" * Bain and Company (2014) * Dal Bó (2010) * Hueth (2014) * Mar... ative Economics_ 44, no. 2 (May 2016). * Bain & Company. "[Member Driven Strategies – Leveraging Cooperat... ging-cooperatives-competitive-advantage)." Bain & Company, 2014. * Banerjee, Abhijit V., Timothy Besley,
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d between 1997 and 2012" * "the rate of small-company creation in America is close to its lowest mark s... to becoming a natural monopoly, much like a cable company, a water and sewer system, or a railroad" * Fac
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* [Otonomos]( - "Online company formation and digitized governance" * [Peershar
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op entrepreneur * Nationwide - Mutual insurance company * Ohio Farm Bureau * [United Producers](http:
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d colleges worldwide" * Run by the for-profit company [bepress](, part of [RELX
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0 mines * December: Wall Street Merchandising Company incorporated (mm) * 1899 * August 17: _Dail
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mple, attributes the right to an invention to the company a scientist works for, to motivate companies to i
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ttp:// * Cooperative Insurance Company (CIC) - the flagship of the cooperative movement i
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