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[Infographic]( from Willy Street Co-op * Hoyt, Ann. "[And Then There Were Seven: Cooperative Principles Updated](" _Cooperative Grocer_ (January/February 1996) * 1987: U.S. De... ser-benefits * Reynolds, Bruce J. _[Comparing Cooperative Principles of the U.S. Department of Agriculture
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# Cooperative Energy ## Finance ### Financial institutions * [CoBank: Power]( ural energy sector" * [National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC)](https://www.nrucfc.coo... urtis Wynn, president and CEO of Roanoke Electric Cooperative, said his member-owned organization is doing 200 ... ## Notable organizations * [Choctaw Electric Cooperative]( - in Oklahoma,
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# Cooperative education ## Business education ### Academies (Non-accredited) * Cooperation Texas: [Cooperative Business Institute Academy]( * CooperationWorks! * [The Art and Science of Cooperative Development](
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) ## Agriculture and food * [High Plains Food Cooperative]( - "an aggregator... - Raw goat milk multi-stakeholder cooperative * [Poudre Valley Community Farms](http://poudre... * [CoBank]( - "a national cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America" headquartered near Denver * [Colorado Cooperative Developers]( * [Colorado C
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tively well organized. ## Key institutions * [Cooperative Alliance of Kenya]( - the leading lobby and representative of the Kenyan cooperative sector * Replaced the KNFC, the Kenya Nationa... [Co-operative Bank]( * Cooperative Insurance Company (CIC) - the flagship of the cooperative movement in the provision of insurance services * [
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tle/)." _The Intercept_. December 15, 2017. ### Cooperative ISPs and telecom #### Examples * [Adams Telephone Cooperative]( - telephone and Internet ... mmunications]( - "Alliance Communications provides Internet, ca... innesota and Iowa"; "Alliance Communications is a cooperative, which means we operate under unique principles"
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cies for cooperation Policy proposals to support cooperative enterprise. ## Advocacy and convening * Blasi... k ownership plans" ## Antitrust ### Conversion Cooperative conversion as an alternative to breaking up monop... tion led to market contracting problems that made cooperative ownership attractive. Because of today's more rig... ightened regulation of insurance companies, these cooperative advantages have diminished" * Molk (2014), 952:
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les and reducing labour costs}}." Presentation at Cooperative Pathways Meeting, University of Padua. June 8, 20... joint enterprises among co-ops * Or "joint cooperative group," a more flexible form of cooperative integration than the secondary cooperative, allowing for more flexible withdrawal * Legally recognized c
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tages of cooperation Evidence of advantages that cooperative business models can offer ## Addressing market f... ltz (1998), abstract: "the fact that farmers in a cooperative individually decide how much to supply to the cooperative may serve as a commitment device for credibly (and p... lk (2014), 941: "the limited empirical studies on cooperative ownership versus investor ownership performance g
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ic-justice/) contains 38 mentions of cognates of "cooperative" * [Financial support for alternative insti... * [Fertile Ground Food Cooperative]( - "a SE Raleigh-based multi-stakeholder cooperative that highlights the community’s entrepreneurial s... ourth day of Kwanzaa is focused around Ujamaa, or cooperative economics, mainly understood as patronizing black
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s of essays on praxis and method * Formally a cooperative, legally an LLC in New Zealand - "we hacked the constitution to make it cooperative-like" * Also a number of Ventures within the ... /), "CASX is a self-management financial interest cooperative." * [Cooperative Fund of New England]( * [[cooperatvism#credit_unions|Cred
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dismissed had a big influence on the courts." ## Cooperative law * "[Agricultural Cooperatives and the Anti... t. 1945. * "The fact that AP's activities are cooperative does not render the Sherman Act inapplicable" ... cil of Farmer Cooperatives' National Institute on Cooperative Education, Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. Aug... prosper -without such protection a wide range of cooperative activities would be hampered or prohibited outrig
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# Cooperation Jackson Cooperative experiments in Jackson, Mississippi. * [Cooperation Jackson](http://www.c... ovement of society depends on "Ujumahaa," meaning cooperative economics, or "Ujemma," [meaning] cooperative work and responsibility, two of the principles of Kwanzaa. Those... , for people to come down and live. If you have a cooperative you want to put together or to work with, come on
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phy * Dafermos, George. _[The Catalan Integral Cooperative: an organizational study of a post-capitalist cooperative]( P2P Foundation, 2017. * Daniel, Emmanuel... [P2P Foundation wiki]( ## See also * [[Duran, Enric]]
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# Cooperative entrepreneurship * [Cooperative Hall of Fame]( ## Biographies and memoirs * Anderso... niel E. "[Mary Anderson, a Founder of the Outdoor Cooperative REI, Dies at 107]( /10/business/mary-anderson-died-co-founder-of-rei-cooperative.html)." _The New York Times_. April 10, 2017. *
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