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rganized under the NY coop Corp law ### Types of cooperatives * Agricultural * Consumer * Credit * Hou... report by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, _[Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives](, counted 29,284 cooperatives in the United States. It found: * "The vast ma
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lmes Hummel's Clean Energy Works. * "Electric cooperatives have been by far the leaders in this innovation a... ate within a regional network of Community Energy Cooperatives to create a multi-class, multi-race movement for ... ooperative Association]( - "cooperatives across the country have formed the National Renew... ities restore democratic control of their utility cooperatives. We work with local partners and co-op members o
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# Kenya Kenya is a country where cooperatives constitute a significant portion of the economy and are comparati... placed the KNFC, the Kenya National Federation of Cooperatives * [Co-operative Bank]( ... nation’s GDP." * Kenya Rural Savings and Credit Cooperatives Societies Union * [Kenya Union of Savings and C... d to live in absolute poverty" * "In 2007 the cooperatives mobilized 31% of the national savings" * "250
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:// * [Green Worker Cooperatives - Co-op Academy]( ation of cooperative and labor law" * [Worker Cooperatives course at the Murphy Institute](http://murphyinst... g/2015/06/15/special-topics-graduate-class-worker-cooperatives/#sthash.9kZXeTgN.dpbs) * [Co-operative Universi... ity * [Cooperative Enterprise Program]( within the Dyson School of Appl
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a, Marcelo. "[The Italian Road to Creating Worker Cooperatives from Worker Buyouts]( tor-ownership: "Several agriculture and insurance cooperatives organized at a time when lax regulation led to ma... erative statutes involve tax policies specific to cooperatives, often involving the non-taxation of members' cap... Molk (2014), 947: Tax-exempt bonds "would lessen cooperatives' debt costs and decrease the amount of equity the
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that, when supply and demand are out of balance, cooperatives tend to form on the weaker side; a strong demand, for instance, produces cooperatives on the supply side. Social cooperatives, however, organize both supply and demand, especially when there is not... ommunity benefit * Zitger and Dilworth (2017): cooperatives can play a role in local community governance #
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ooklyn and Costa Rica * [Federation of Southern Cooperatives]( * [Fer... f-managed economy * [Mississippi Association of Cooperatives]( * [ON... php/The_Freedom_Farm) * [Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Assistance Fund](http://www.federationsouthe... uide/foreign-born-pioneers-precedents/leased-land-cooperatives) were an influence for black agricultural co-op o
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raged in Rojava, but only within the framework of cooperatives." * The Washington Institute is an AIPAC-back... conomy’ – an economic system built on a series of cooperatives across all economic sectors. The initial objectiv... d distributed much of it to self-organised farmer cooperatives." * "The eventual aim is to build the entire economy of Rojava on the basis of cooperatives or other small economic units, binding them toget
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# Italian cooperatives ## Bibliography * Bandini, Federica. {{:source:bandini-commonbound.pptx|CommonBound 2016 presentation on cooperatives in Emilia-Romagna}}. July 2016. * Cardinale, Roberto et al. "[Italian Social Cooperatives and Trade Unions in the Crisis Era]( * Dorigatti, Lisa. "{{{{:source:dorigatti-workers_cooperatives.ppt|Workers' cooperatives and the transformation
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# Enterprise Commons-based businesses such as cooperatives and other forms of community ownership. ## Corpora... 4/fair-trade-equal-exchange-coffee-farmers-co-ops-cooperatives)." _The Guardian_. October 14, 2014. * [Open Pl... he microfinance sector, fair trade organizations, cooperatives and small to medium enterprises," grew out of the... " * Also a cooperative * Said, Carolyn. "[Cooperatives give new meaning to sharing economy](http://www.s
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courts." ## Cooperative law * "[Agricultural Cooperatives and the Antitrust Laws]( ml)." presented at the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives' National Institute on Cooperative Education, Ann... laws provided by the Act has allowed agricultural cooperatives to grow and prosper -without such protection a wi... that is already enjoyed by corporations."" * "[Cooperatives and the Antitrust Laws](
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ncluding Fannie Lou Hamer, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, Mondragón, and Emilia-Romag... p:// * [Federation of Southern Cooperatives]( * [Mal... y-free-the-land/) * [Mississippi Association of Cooperatives]( * Mis... mpanies and then we move from there to talk about cooperatives which can become some of those jobs, some of the
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Create, Improve, and Champion shared spaces" ## Cooperatives * [Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery](http://bould... - "one of the oldest artist cooperatives in the United States" * [CoBank](http://www.cob... Jason Wiener. _[An Introduction to Financing for Cooperatives, Social Enterprises, and Small Businesses](http:/
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k" * Discusses several legacy rural telephone cooperatives that are getting federal money to expand broadban... . * Goldstein, Jordan. "[Where are the Internet Cooperatives?](" _Adventures of a Young Programmer_. August 16
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he Oakland OmniCommons ## Transparency * Data cooperatives as an alternative to proprietary repositories ... a]( * [Open : Data : Cooperatives meeting]( * [OpenReferral](http://openreferral
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