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f cooperatives * Agricultural * Consumer * Credit * Housing * Mutual insurance * Integral ... * "100 million Americans turn to more than 6,000 Credit Unions for their financial sefrvices" * "233 mi... members' rights, education, and organizing" ## Credit unions and finance * Andrews, A. Michael. _[Su... * Christensen, Glenn. "[Millennials Are Key To Credit Union Growth](
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tries-We-Serve/Power.aspx) - "a major provider of credit and financial services to the nation’s rural ener... the trade associations representing the nation’s credit unions and electric cooperatives, we need a Congr... t pressing issues facing the country." * "For credit unions, reform of the Consumer Financial Protecti... has made it more difficult and more expensive for credit union members to access much-needed credit union
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ery store in Northeast Greensboro" * [Self-Help Credit Union]( * Covington, Howard E. _Lending Power: How Self-Help Credit Union turned small-time loans into big-time chang... _ [review]( * [Southern Grassroots Economies Pr
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of the nation’s GDP." * Kenya Rural Savings and Credit Cooperatives Societies Union * [Kenya Union of Savings and Credit Co-operatives]( - Industry org... stem to help agricultural co-ops better access to credit by establishing their own sacco system. * In ... peratives (KNFC) teamed up to promote savings and credit societies." * "The structure of the cooperati
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s for members, stabilized volatile incomes, cheap credit, bargaining unit, political power. Were often at ... tp:// * [[cooperatvism#credit_unions|Credit unions]] * [Crocus Investment Fund]( viduals who wish to participate in reclaiming the credit commons" * McCartney, Kelly. "[New Cooperativ
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Brookings Institution. July 17, 2013. ## Mutual credit * [Community Exchange System](https://www.comm... rative]] * [Simbi]( - Mutual credit services exchange ## Timebanking * [Community
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rowth with this as a possible option in mind? ## Credit union lending cap Many worker co-op advocates believe that if credit unions had a lower cap on their business lending,
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$10 million+ in an asset-backed revolving line of credit", CEO G. Krista Morgan * [Slow Money](https://s... twork is financed solely by the issuing of barter credit in the form of our silver Gaian." * [COjacks](h
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uinnane. "[Thy Neighbor's Keeper: The Design of a Credit Cooperative with Theory and a Test](https://www.p... ooperatives as Information Machines: German Rural Credit Cooperatives, 1883-1914." _Journal of Economic Hi
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to next stages: like the establishment of a Fair Credit system in the form of a mutual credit currency. This means FairCoin could serve as collateral for a loan
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[Balance]( - mutual-credit-based platform for shared expenses in collectives
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enterprise, and generally then only very briefly. Credit unions are mentioned in almost all, but with litt
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esidential capital ownership plan * capital credit for homebuyers * Part III "Unions' New Role" #
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* Jobs are optional, no money except Federation Credit * Not a basic income scheme but an alternat
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ject can receive the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit" ## Related * [[cooperativism#energy|Coopera
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