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# "Democracy" ## "Democratic erosion" * [Democratic Erosion]( - "a cross-university collaborative course that aims to help student... ience" ### Bibliography * Bermeo, Nancy. "[On Democratic Backsliding](
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the creation of a nation state and by pushing for democratic confederalism, what Ocalan has called 'democracy ... esident of Cizire Canton (now co-president of the Democratic Federation in Rojava and North Syria established ... * Harvey, Rebecca. "[A new co-operative economy: Democratic confederalism in Rojava and Bakur](http://www.the... in discussions in TEV-DEM and other parts of the democratic self-government,. It would be called the social e
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"Our mission is to help rural communities restore democratic control of their utility cooperatives. We work w... According to the [ILSR]( * 72% of c... ministration, 1939. * Grimley, Matt. "[Just How Democratic are Rural Electric Cooperatives?](" Institute for
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fit * Johnson, Cat. "[7 Ways to Create a More Democratic Nonprofit](" _Shareable_. July 14, 2015. ### ... ternatives: * [Demcra]( - a democratic alternative to Reddit. "Demcra is a non-profit co
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ng,a simple separate person, / Yet utter the word Democratic, the word En-Masse." (165) * presents his poems... the war and the disbandment at the end (707) ## Democratic Vistas * begins by comparing the variety and f... e * his contradictory bards: "Come forth, sweet democratic despots of the west!" (974) * footnote on the c
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00 in 1972 campaign, and the idea was part of the Democratic platform that year. [Gailbraith supported it](htt... h grant to replace all welfare programs * 2006: Democratic Rep. Bob Filner proposed the [Tax Cut for the Res... ion is a proto-post scarcity society evolved from democratic capitalism. It is, essentially, European socialis
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t approach to start and grow worker cooperatives, democratic ESOPs, and other social purpose ventures" * [IU... operative Boards: Taking on the Challenges of the Democratic Enterprise]( -operative_Boards_Taking_on_the_Challenges_of_the_Democratic_Enterprise)." _International Journal of Co-operat
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ration/co-op-development-center/) * [School for Democratic Management](, a course by the Democracy at Work Institute... wnership and governance in a way that will permit democratic decision-making in the first place. One such resp
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CESSED. * Conaty, Pat. _[Social Co-operatives a Democratic Co-production Agenda for Care Services in the UK]... ttps:// Cooperat
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presumptions of how voters can participate in the democratic process." * [Democracy OS](http://democracyos.o... a platform built from the ground up to help small democratic groups to do process online. It provides structur
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his glass-making factory and said, in 1795, "The democratic principle upon which this Nation was founded shou... m/obamas-esop-proposal-poses-concerns/) * 2016 [Democratic Party platform](
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th (2014) * Markussen et al (2014) - refers to "democratic dividend" ## Community benefit * Zitger and D... Pedro. "[Experimental Evidence on the Workings of Democratic Institutions](
2 Hits, Last modified: ## Bibliography * Bollier, David. "[Democratic Money and Capital for the Commons](" January 14, 2016.
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* "another defining characteristic of a truly democratic Assembly is that it calls for and is based upon “... t Assembly - "a representative body, not a direct democratic body of the people in their totality. This type o
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(though throughout they more often use the term "democratic capitalism") * Part II "Getting There", "Financ
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