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vocative interruptions and resistance through the design of media" * "(We began this research in 2008,... the last four years has qualities of adversarial design [15]; the system stands as a visible reminder of ... ver, we hoped that Amazon wouldchange its systems design to include worker safeguards.This has not happene... rani, Lilly and M. Six Silberman. "[From Critical Design to Critical Infrastructure: Lessons from Turkopti
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r-owned tech cooperative specializing in creative design, digital storytelling, and tech consulting for go... e]( * [Research Action Design]( - "Research Action Design (RAD) uses community-led research, transformative media organizing, technology development, and collaborative design to build the power of grassroots social movements
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of a person's daily life" ## Technology * [Design for Time Well Spent]( - ... and freedom have become so embedded in technology design that a cooperative politics seems elusive." *... ortunities for optimal work “flow.” In technology design, the ultimate user experience hinges on securing
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for a feminist hackerspace * [Design patterns]( * Noisebridge: "[Community Standards](https://w
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veraging economies of scale, standardizing system design, developing business models that allow low-income... esn’t have to be the case. With appropriate rate design a coop can survive, even thrive while lowering th
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[LaboDemo]( - "Consultancy, design of strategies and implementation of digital tools
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ature of the policy and the lack of participatory design. * Gicheru, E.N. "[Engaging Co-operatives in Ad
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# Design ## Pattern language * Alexander, Christopher. _[The Timeless Way of Building](https://archive
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ing in 2017, the ACA allows states to opt out and design their own health care system. Colorado can REPLAC
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* Lerner, Josh. _Making Democracy Fun: How Game Design Can Empower Citizens and Transform Politics_. MIT
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You could also earn Zooz by contributing code or design to the app’s development. You can even earn the r
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ho are on the rise * UBI and Paul Ryan: "This design comes with two immediate strengths that anyone wh
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we call the progress of society. It cannot be the design of the Creator that the whole of life should be s
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* [[:Crowdsourcing]] * [[:Currency]] * [[:Design]] * [[:Education]] * [[:Enclosure]] *
1 Hits, Last modified: - "changing the color of democracy" * [Design Studio for Social Intervention](
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