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oop/about-us/the-rochdale-principles/) * [The development of the Rochdale Principles since]( " The Next System Project. December 14, 2016. ## Development and infrastructure * [CDS Consulting Co-op](ht... and providing personalized legal help" * [Co-op development resources]( .coop/) - "a national organization of cooperative development centers and practitioners" * [Cooperative Food
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nWorks! * [The Art and Science of Cooperative Development](https://professionaldevelopment.cooperationworks... /education/summer-camp/) (ages 7-18) * [Co-op Development Center]( * [School for Democratic Management](h... * [New York School of Law’s Community Economic Development (CED) Clinic's collaboration with Mondragon and 1
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lop effective management structures for the rapid development of the country’s co-operative movement." * ... anization for saccos. * Ministry of Cooperative Development and Marketing * [Info on Global Village Encyc... a/Ministries-Authorities/Ministry-of-Co-operative-Development-and-Marketing.aspx#) * Now appears to be a de... partment subsidiary of the Ministry of Enterprise Development, through a [Commissioner of Co-operative Developm
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e to lend favorably to worker co-ops, stimulating development. ## Deregulation * Molk (2014), 942, on how r... (2017): "requires the Colorado office of economic development (office) to engage the services of a local nonpro... .3677 (2011-2012) proposed a National Cooperative Development Center and grants to local cooperative development centers * Madison, WI, directs city funds to CBOs and uni
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Farmers Union]( * [Co-op Development Center]( ## Art * [Creative Strategies for Ch... t talent and people find great jobs" ## Business development * [Authentic Leadership Program]( ault.aspx) at CU Denver * [Community Enterprise Development Services]( - financing ag
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s commissioner on the UK government's Sustainable Development Commission * Ashford ("The crisis in employme... ours may lower children’s cognitive and emotional development" * Parenting culture may actually be more sig... increase wages, to say nothing of the tremendous development of the fighting spirit, the solidarity and class ... g for the sake of their intellectual and artistic development. It was their own choice. I am not saying that th
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o” that is "pioneering a new approach to software development, deployment, utilization and revenue generation" ... irical claim at present, is an ideal tool for the development of hyper-capitalist economic models. In this sens... t)_. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, February 2016. * Varoufakis, Yanis. "[Bitcoin ... system implemented in 1967 in Chile, the "unit of development." * Stinchcombe, Kai. "[Ten years in, nobody ha
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via [Mountain Association for Community Economic Development]( #### Bibliography * ... isconsin REA that is leading the way in renewable development * "[Dairyland Power Announces Major Solar Pro... Cooperative Organization (NRCO) to facilitate the development and deployment of renewable energy resources" *... so allowed co-ops to play a broader role in rural development." * 1993: Passed Rural Electrification Loan R
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ops were established in the past three years. The development of those co-operatives has boosted the confidence... ojava Revolution' in Syrian Kurdistan: A Model of Development for the Middle East?]( dle-east/rojava-revolution-syrian-kurdistan-model-development)." _Infoshop News_. December 11, 2016. * [Co-op
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May 15, 2013. ## Allies * [Community Aid and Development]( * [Federation of Sout... local citizens can enjoy the benefits of economic development in the city." * "Currently, the city has a go
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* [[doku>plugins|Installing plugins]] * [[doku>development|Development Resources]] **DokuWiki Feedback and Community** * [[doku>newsletter|Subscribe to the newslette
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; that obligate cooperatives to contribute to the development of the cooperative movement and ensure that these... l as allowing contributions to federations' co-op development funds. * Legacoop and Confcooperative account
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omes unemployed a life fellowship in research and development or in just simple thinking." * 1969: [President... he Politics of a Guaranteed Income_ describes the development and death of the Family Assistance Plan. * 1973
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ware, powering internet platforms for proposition development and decision making" * [Loomio](https://www.loo... governing its protocol and incentivizes protocol development." ### Bibliography * Brideshead, Sue. "[Could
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can American Community-Based Cooperative Economic Development}}." _Harvard Journal of African American Public P... or Shirley of Atlanta, and sponsoring a community development program including various social services." *
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