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2007. * Describes a transition, begun in the economic crisis of the 1970s, and carried through in the 8... ent educators have largely given up on theorizing economic value creation and have retreated to entrepreneur... third period, beginning in the 1970s, neoliberal economic thinking “colonized” academic thinking and priori... eir theories that focused on the firm as a purely economic entity. They promoted the view that management ed
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implement what they call a ‘social economy’ – an economic system built on a series of cooperatives across all economic sectors. The initial objective is to be self-suff... ojava on the basis of cooperatives or other small economic units, binding them together in a network where t... n the region as long as it adheres to the broader economic principles of the region." * "One association
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consin Center for Cooperatives, _[Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives]( -hierarchical, non-exploitative, equitable set of economic relationships and activities geared toward the gr... t, operations, and participation" * [Center for Economic Democracy](!) - in Bo... []( - "a directory of economic alternatives" from the Data Commons Cooperative
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an: The Struggle for Black Self-Determination and Economic Democracy]]_. Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. * ... Self-Determination, Participatory Democracy, and Economic Justice]( or-self-determination-participatory-democracy-and-economic-justice/)." July 7, 2012. * See _The Jackson-... italism, at its rankest form, is not a humanistic economic system. It allows the most powerful to tear into
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sues_. Argues: " Guaranteed income as a secure economic floor will make it possible for men to become wha... ving. Guaranteed income will be a recognition, in economic terms, of what God has done." * 1968: Margaret ... he province of Manitoba]( * 1983: "[Overview ... xperiments: An Overview](" * George McGovern su
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w York: * [New York School of Law’s Community Economic Development (CED) Clinic's collaboration with Mon... niversity: Center for Co-operatives and Community Economic Development - According to [catalog copy](http://... izations apply the cooperative model in community economic development" * [Christina Clamp](http://www.s
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atform]( * [Economic Justice]( contains 38 mentions of cognates of "cooperative" ... a of Alabama_. * Albany Movement - an effort at economic autonomy that pioneered the [community land trust... rm with a similar goal of providing food and some economic independence to local people. She remained active
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/) campaigns * Swarns, Rachel L. "[Signs of Economic Promise Are Offering Some Hope for the New Year](..." _Economic Journal_. 115, no. 507 (November 2005): pp. F397-... tices fuel under-employment and generate profound economic insecurity"—and technology plays a role in furthe... rregular-work-scheduling-and-its-consequences/)." Economic Policy Institute. April 9, 2015. * Lambert, Sus
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centration of ownership, this means the fruits of economic growth are being hoarded." * First chart show... 900-odd sectors covered by America’s five-yearly economic census. Two-thirds of them became more concentrat... fting a statute against abusive concentrations of economic power. An interpretation that penalizes individua... s10368-013-0247-6)." _International Economics and Economic Policy_ 11, no 1-2 (February 2014). * "we use
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o-operatives than other firms" ## Resilience in economic hardship * Alves et al. (2016) * Blasi et al... ird Way, ?. * Bogetoft, Peter. "[An information economic rationale for cooperatives](" _European Review of... ural Credit Cooperatives, 1883-1914." _Journal of Economic History_ 61, no. 2 (2001). * Hansmann, Henry. _
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oatU) is a revolutionary, community-based, online economic system" * [Holochain]( mental impact]( * Mining c... deal tool for the development of hyper-capitalist economic models. In this sense, Bitcoin is an ideal tool f... igital-currencies-but-are-countries-ready)" World Economic Forum. May 13, 2016. * Feuer, Alan. "[The Bitco
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3, 2016. * "[Ronald Reagan's Speech on Project Economic Justice](" Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Cen..." _The Economic Journal_ 196, no. 594 (August 2016). * Dudley, ... tricia Hetter Kelso. _[[Louis Kelso#Democracy and Economic Power|Democracy and Economic Power: Extending the
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nsumer-stock-ownership-plans-csops/)." Center for Economic and Social Justice. * Refers to this as a kin... tricia Hetter Kelso. _[[Louis Kelso#Democracy and Economic Power|Democracy and Economic Power: Extending the ESOP Revolution]]_. Ballinger, 1986. ## Utilities * C... jed/journl/v41y2016i4p101-113.html)." _Journal Of Economic Development_ 41, no. 4 (2016). * Croonenbroeck,
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ovements" via [Mountain Association for Community Economic Development]( #### Biblio... tegies to build community capital for sustainable economic growth and empowerment" * [Rocky Mountain Insti... oads/2016/06/OV_Campaign_for_Energy_Democracy_and_Economic_Security.pdf)_. [c. 2015-16]. * _Southern Chang... to the electric cooperative program" (5) * An economic rationale for member engagement: "Consumer trust
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rmer state senator) * [Executive summary of the economic anaylsis]( [Campaign finance forms](http://tr... e is an effort to do just that." * "A 10-year economic analysis estimates that ColoradoCare would decrea
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