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The founding of the Wharton School of Finance and Economics in 1881 was another major event in America’s mana... omies." * Ogilvie, Sheilagh. "{{:source:ogilvie-economics_of_guilds.pdf|The Economics of Guilds}}." _Journal of Economic Perspectives_ 28, no. 4 (Fall 2014). * "G... le_. July 28, 2014. * Schumacher Center for New Economics * [Community Supported Industry](http://berks
9 Hits, Last modified: within the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management * Faculty associate: [Todd M... du/) - "located in the Department of Agricultural Economics" * Laney College, a community college in Alamed... on Cooperative Enterprises]( * ... ) * [Fidan Ana Kurtulus]( - "research explores a number of topics
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v-2013)." Slides for Co-operatives UK and the New Economics Foundation. November 4-5, 2013. * Lloyd, Henry ... etails/jstor-1884095)." _The Quarterly Journal of Economics_ 35 (May 1921). * The Fabian society, which a... ed on Northeastern United States * [Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City](http://solidaritynyc.o... urvey)_. International Co-operative Alliance. ## Economics ### Bibliography * Leung, Mike. "[How Tradit
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r the people]( chnological unemployment."​ * Webb, Rick, "[The Economics of Star Trek](" * ["The Economics of Star Trek"](
6 Hits, Last modified: - "Exploring the time of the new economics" * [Take Back Your Time]( 007/s00191-015-0426-4)." _Journal of Evolutionary Economics_ (November 9, 2015). * Critique of Keynes: "T... Tim. _Prosperity without Growth_ * Jackson is economics commissioner on the UK government's Sustainable D... en emergencies." * IWW's Undated _Shop Talks on Economics_ by Mary E. Marcy * A 37-page textbook pamphl
6 Hits, Last modified:" _Economics Letters_ 59, no. 3, 1 (June 1998). * Alves, Gui... /pii/S0147596715000797)." _Journal of Comparative Economics_ 44, no. 2 (May 2016). * Bain & Company. "[Memb... s_Keeper_QJE1994.pdf)." _The Quarterly Journal of Economics_ 109, no. 2 (May, 1994). * Blasi, Joseph R., Do... _cooperatives)." _European Review of Agricultural Economics_ 32, no. 2 (February 2005). * Burdín, Gabriel a
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ly sympathetic. * Beuret, Nic. "[6 Notes on the Economics of the Rojava Revolution](" _Novara Wire_. July ... - "The Institute for Solidarity Economics and Corporate Watch have put together this websit... May 31, 2016. * "The Institute for Solidarity Economics (ISE) and Corporate Watch have launched a website
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/" _Journal of Farm Economics_ 48, no. 3 (August 1966). ## Platform economy an... WO-SIDED-MARKETS)." _Journal of Competition Law & Economics_ 7, no. 4 (December 2011). * "The analysis sh... ticle/10.1007/s10368-013-0247-6)." _International Economics and Economic Policy_ 11, no 1-2 (February 2014). ..." _The Bell Journal of Economics and Management Science_ 3, no. 1 (spring 1972).
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mons framework. * Eisenstein, Charles. _[Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition]( Evolver Editions, 2001. * F... 2013. * Schumacher, E.F. _[Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered](
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corporate world?]( ucture-fit-into-todays-corporate-world/)." _Valve Economics_. August 3, 2012. * [Viable Systems Model](http
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view/4654)." _International Journal of Ecological Economics and Statistics_ 37, no. 4 (2016). * Lowitzsch,
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wer: Extending the ESOP Revolution through Binary Economics_. Bookbaby, 1986. * Kerr, Camile. _{{:source:ke
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ns.pdf |Addressing Misconceptions of _Governing the Commons_}}." _Journal of Institutional Economics_ (2018).
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Kwanzaa is focused around Ujamaa, or cooperative economics, mainly understood as patronizing black businesse
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/0486613416666533)." _Review of Radical Political Economics_ (February 2, 2017). * Mathews, Race. _[[mathew
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