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o, M. and A. Righetti. "[Cooperatives as a Social Enterprise in Italy: A Place for Social Integration and Reha... -content/uploads/2011/05/Cooperatives-as-a-Social-Enterprise-in-Italy-A-Place-for-Social-Integration-and-Rehab... oards: Taking on the Challenges of the Democratic Enterprise]( Boards_Taking_on_the_Challenges_of_the_Democratic_Enterprise)." _International Journal of Co-operative Managem
5 Hits, Last modified: * Cornell University * [Cooperative Enterprise Program]( wi... and employee ownership…" * [UMass Cooperative Enterprise Collaborative]( - "suppo... States. Only 6 of the 17 even mention cooperative enterprise, and generally then only very briefly. Credit uni... material in textbooks. ## Related * [[Cooperativism]] * [[Enterprise#Education|Enterprise: Education]]
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# Enterprise Commons-based businesses such as cooperatives and other forms of community ownership. ## Corpo... Hansmann, Henry. _[[source:hansmann-ownership_of_enterprise|The Ownership of Enterprise]]_. Harvard University Press, 2000. * Jensen, Michael C. _A Theory of the Firm
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2 (2001). * Hansmann, Henry. _The Ownership of Enterprise_. Harvard University Press, 2000. * Hueth, Bren... Co-operative Networks in the Italian Economy}}." _Enterprise and Society_ (2009). * Mikami, Kazuhiko. _Enterprise Forms and Economic Efficiency: Capitalist, Cooperative
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p/Pages/default.aspx) at CU Denver * [Community Enterprise Development Services]( - ... eir communities" * [Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange]( ## Finance * [Colorado Enterprise Fund]( - N
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to be a department subsidiary of the Ministry of Enterprise Development, through a [Commissioner of Co-operat... illion people engaged in small scale and informal enterprise funded by cooperative loans." * Kenya Co-oper
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ion recognizes the value and right to cooperative enterprise * Confcooperative Emilia-Romagna is the Chris... Co-operative Networks in the Italian Economy}}." _Enterprise and Society_ (2009). * Authors argue that the
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sm#freelancing|Cooperativism: Freelancing]] * [[Enterprise#co-working|Enterprise: Co-working]] ## Bibliography * Davies-Coates. "[Open Co-ops: Inspiration, Legal St
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ial, worker-owned Chinese hardware company; see [[enterprise#employee_ownership]] * [Purism]( History of Social Media]]_. Oxford University Press, 2013. ## Related * [[Enterprise]] * [[Information]]
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peration Policy proposals to support cooperative enterprise. ## Advocacy and convening * Blasi et al. (20... Co-operative Networks in the Italian Economy}}." _Enterprise and Society_ (2009). * Michael, Christopher. _{
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-1940}}." In _The Advance of American Cooperative Enterprise: 1920-1945_. Interstate Printers & Publishers, 19... ing Corporations through Ecologies of Alternative Enterprise: Insurance and Electricity in the US Case](http:/
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* [[:Education]] * [[:Enclosure]] * [[:Enterprise]] * [[:Environment]] * [[:Family]] *
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he stipulation that one-third be employees of the enterprise and one-third be non-residents selected for techn
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he realm of private property, and energize a free enterprise economy." ### Bibliography * Heldt, Diane. "[
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e ideals of democracy, equal opportunity and free enterprise among people who haven't the possibility of profi
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