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# Cooperative Energy ## Finance ### Financial institutions * [CoBank: Power]( rve/Power.aspx) - "a major provider of credit and financial services to the nation’s rural energy sector" *... * "For credit unions, reform of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is high on our list of prioriti... demonstrates that most distribution co-ops have a financial incentive to sell more electricity, not less. It
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s turn to more than 6,000 Credit Unions for their financial sefrvices" * "233 million Americans are served ... er focuses on cooperative finance and argues that financial cooperatives can be considered as human-made comm... und and federally certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides financing to coo..." _Next City_. July 8, 2016. ### Re
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ity for anything other than obtaining the desired financial results" (303). "Under the sway of the new econom... ists proved unable to predict or explain the 2008 financial upheavals. Yet neither entrepreneurship nor leade... t/en/campaigns/casx/), "CASX is a self-management financial interest cooperative." * [Cooperative Fund of N... [This Guy Took Out a Gigantic Loan to Destroy the Financial System](
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r integration" * Fici, Antonio. "{{:source:fici-financial_participation.pdf|Financial Participation by Employees in Co-operatives in Italy}}." The Co-operative Colleg... businesses that offer consolidated services), and financial (cooperative banks) networks. * The apex orga
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38 mentions of cognates of "cooperative" * [Financial support for alternative institutions](https://pol... nt only in the last two years with some strategic financial assistance from OEO and the Ford Foundation, Toda
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fbc-11e4-8c27-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3Hw748Y4m)." _Financial Times_. October 31, 2014. * “Even if there’... for better conditions --- "By providing a little financial breathing room, a UBI would combat labor market s
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esearch. * Mason, Winter and Duncan J. Watts. "[Financial incentives and the 'performance of crowds.'](http... n's Mechanical Turk (AMT). We find that increased financial incentives increase the quantity, but not the qua
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pdf)_. Center for American Progress, 2016. * "financial market practitioners recognize the ability of mar
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yer treats an employee. Those who are in a better financial position and employ others have more responsibili
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* [Stellar]( - "a common financial platform, designed to be open and accessible to e
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$500 million in low-interest rate loans and other financial assistance to help workers purchase businesses th
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ncing agency that "supports the American dream of financial self-sufficiency by assisting refugees, immigrant
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com]( - custom financial platform ## Ventures [Full list](http://www.ens
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ion, there is a separation between management and financial authority, and an individual cannot join both aut
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to ensure that the system does not run up against financial regulations on operating an unlicensed bank."
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