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13/may/15/what-lumumbas-jackson-plan/)." _Jackson Free Press_. May 15, 2013. ## Allies * [Community... he smooth running of the infrastructure." * ["Free the land"]( * [Mississippi Association of Cooperativ... 0/jonathan-lees-finance-report-43013/), [_Jackson Free Press_ summary](
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ave shorter working hours but spend more of their free time in adult-oriented leisure as compared to oth... _, 81) #### Jonathan Edwards From Hunnicutt's _Free Time_: * "what Edwards called 'necessary secul... disciple of Jonathan Edwards. From Hunnicutt's _Free Time_: * "In the days of the millennium there ... nitarian, patrician, reformer. From Hunnicutt's _Free Time_: * "because of his support of labor's te
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for premodern examples: Scialabba, George. "[The Free Banquet: The Case for Universal Basic Income](" _Commonweal_. April 25, 2017. * 151... edom_, based on a 1956 lecture. In his 1980 book _Free to Choose_, he wrote: "We should replace the ragb... men to become what God intended them to become by free response. The fact that many will doubtless abuse
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* []( - "Free Wireless Internet and Local Network in Oakland, C... - a conflict-free, fair-trade smartphone available through The Phon... ary 9, 2016. * Stallman, Richard. "[Why We Need Free Digital Hardware Designs](" _Wired_. March 11, 2
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ebruary 23, 2016. * "Business schools are not free-standing educational enterprises or academic acci... nt-seeking in guilds, emphasizes the avoidance of free-riding on collective benefits. (687) - "Guilds we... cities; those not governed by guilds were termed "free" cities * The word "guild" derives from "the ... nt control over trades in favour of laissez-faire free market systems was growing rapidly and making its
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wned home and business Internet access along with free Wi-Fi wireless Internet access and music to nearly a hundred nodes, making it one of the largest free Wi-Fi networks in the country at the time" * ... plement a complete Wi-Fi service"; "OpenWISP is a free and open source project" * [Rhizomatica](https:... * [Metamaps]( - "a free and open source web platform that supports real-t
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njamin Kline](source:hunnicutt benjamin kline). _[Free Time: The Forgotten American Dream](source:hunnicuit-free_time)_. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 20... rms overwhelm into an integrated system of stress-free productivity. David Allen, inventor of the GTD me... * [SelfControl]( - "a free and open-source application for Mac OS X that let
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s, Murray Fulton, and Juan Sesmero. "[Horizon and Free-Rider Problems in Cooperative Organizations](http... n’t know it, but you’re working for Facebook. For free.]( u-dont-know-it-but-youre-working-for-facebook-for-free/)." _The Washington Post_. July 22, 2015. * Ger... e of skilled workers, we collaborate with you and free software communities to develop tools and build p
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* [OpenUDC]( - "a set of free softwares designed to create a free money system based on a decentralized human P2P network." * [Oton... port, the meshnet for powering the infrastructure free of outside control, and then bitcoin itself." ... es in society, decreeing them to be the result of free choice, they inevitably ally themselves with olig
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ls]( - "harnesses the power of free, open-source software to provide civic organizati... making" * [Loomio]( - "free and open source software for anyone, anywhere, to... and institutions); the advocacy of a neutral and free Internet; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information and the defence of citizen journal
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( - "brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from hundreds of un... - "a free software extension for MediaWiki to facilitate co... es, and more" * [Zotero]( - "free software that helps you collect, cite, and share
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of State Legislatures, "[On-Bill Financing: Cost-free Energy Efficiency Improvements](" April 7, 2
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students, and the “bored-at-work” crowd spending free time to earn some extra spending money" * The... getting someone to contribute to your project for free is perfectly acceptable." * Zittrain, Jonathan.
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nt of Agriculture, 2002. * Schneider, Nathan. "[Free the Land: The Revolutionary Life and Strange Deat... f a Radical Black Mayor](" _Vice_. April 17, 2016. * "[T
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k of Metro Denver, June 2015. ## Journalism * Free Speech TV * [Public News Service](http://www.pu... ttp:// - "Our network is free to join, takes no percentage off of any trade and
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