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a statistic that more than half of retail workers get schedules a week or less in advance * For w... /03/whats-matter-with-forty-hour-work-week.html) _Get a Life, PhD_. March 30, 2012. * Jenkins, Rob. "... 2014. * Summary: C.W. "[Proof that you should get a life](
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dinance and that's going to help immigrants if we get it rightly enforced. Occupy Jackson was a predomi... etly but publicly." * "I'm not just trying to get black people to come to this city. I think if we ... crime is concerned. Our attack on them has to be get them a job, to reorient their values. You've got ... ran basketball programs. ... Secondly, we have to get them a job. Thirdly, we have say to those who con
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ybe, if everyone knew they had a safety net, we’d get more startups, or more new research, or more nove... ork, we’re going to have social unrest that could get people killed. When we have increasing production... of “people on the dole”, however, because workers get the same benefit as the shirkers. Workers choose ... vid R. "[What If Everybody Didn't Have to Work to Get Paid?](
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ged. First, Amazon allows now workers in India to get paid in cash in rupees, essentially encouraging m... owdsourcing on Mechanical Turk. You don’t have to get your questions perfect. . . . When I was wrong, i... average wage is $1.40 per hour (of course, you’ll get better work the more you pay)." * "the servic... , at least. It's still way cheaper than you could get it done any other way." * "Spell out exactly
welcome @wiki
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s now up and running. Here are a few more tips to get you started. Enjoy your work with DokuWiki,\\ --... od way to stay informed on what's going on and to get useful tips in using DokuWiki is subscribing to t... .org|DokuWiki User Forum]] is an excellent way to get in contact with other DokuWiki users and is just one of the many ways to get [[doku>faq:support|support]]. Of course we'd be
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1ZQ& * Aguilar, Irene. "[Let’s get facts straight, not give in to scare tactics on C... doCare. The dancers aim to show that Colorado can get expensive private health insurance companies out ... ment to gather the necessary 99,000 signatures to get the measure on Colorado’s ballot for November 201
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. They’ll be housed on the Bitcoin Blockchain and—get this—mined by proof-of-movement." * "To join ... r limit on the value of Zooz tokens, so you won’t get the value fluctuations that we have seen with Bit... irm on some of the legal issues, and they told us they preferred to get paid in Zooz tokens,' he said."
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s." * [Countable]( - "Get clear, concise summaries of bills going through C... ps:// - "enables you to instantly get feedback on your proposal, identify conflicting v
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ing to use * [Loomio for cooperatives]( * [Open App Ecosyst
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ke it really efficient for people to communicate, get information and share information. We always try
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ding industry](
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dvantages of vril properly disseminated. When you get ‘vril’ you've got about all that's worthwhile on
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, not just labor, and not allowing politicians to get away with calls for more jobs. Against the push f
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ing time with that person. You’ll also be able to get a sense of where you are in comparison with other
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ok a sheaf in the field, you shall not go back to get it; let it be for the resident alien, the orphan,
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