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berty_: "There is no reason why in a free society government should not assure to all, protection against seve... ves-in-rural-india), which resulted in the Indian government replacing aid programs with direct cash transfers... ass people less, and we’d presumably cut a ton of government bureaucracy. We could perhaps end poverty overni... We could require 10 hours a week of work for the government, or not. A big problem with this strategy is tha
7 Hits, Last modified:" _High Country News_. * "I... eturns and other data. / Phil Bashaw, director of government relations and grassroots advocacy at the Grand Ca... or customers." * "Co-ops acted much like “government agencies” from 1936 to 1973 because they re... rs benefit from their ownership, has given them a government-like power to tax and created co-op balance sheet
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ps:// - "a form of government proposed by economist Robin Hanson, in which elec... ## Government * Lustbader, Sarah. "[The Real Problem With Po... 216216)." _Politico_. January/February 2018. ### Government crowdsourcing * Fernandez De Castro, Rafa. "[H... h campaign and governance (coming soon) phases of government ensuring continuity amongst supporters and reduci
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through greater market power * An influencing government: "When firms succeed in restricting competition a... * Section on connection between market power and government influence * A variety of proposed reforms, in... ting Google services across multiple firms; using government power to require default adoption of a competitor... rock. _[The Bigness Complex: Industry, Labor, and Government in the American Economy](
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the company could be used to spy on behalf of the government in Beijing. Unverified assertions that the compan... print, and Verizon in the U.S.) is a military and government contractor in its home country" * "Huawei argues that it has no ties to the Chinese government. As Plummer likes to point out, the company is he... derives just 36% of its revenue inside China. The government has never taken any ownership stake, says Huawei,
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eighborhood to the municipality and as far as the government. The second pillar, equally revolutionary, is the... * "The priority for the various levels of Rojava government is to implement what they call a ‘social economy’... has taken over the land previously held by Syrian government officials and distributed much of it to self-orga... in TEV-DEM and other parts of the democratic self-government,. It would be called the social economy." * "
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benefit exchange, but incorrectly labels it as a “government-run” entity. Connect for Health was established a... lan. * Fields, Michael. "[Déjà vu: a preview of government-run health care](" _The Colorado Statesman_. June
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w Nation_ (May 2, 1891). * Holcombe, H.N. "[The Government of the Fabian Socialist Commonwealth](https://arc... rial cooperatives established by Britain’s Labour government in the 1970s have dribbled away into the footnote
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out-cuck/) * Founded in 1952 under colonial government, "a training centre at the Jeans School, Kabete, in a bid to train government co-operative inspectors" * Co-operative Uni
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* "My teachers called ourselves the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika and we believed it.... ake promises to people other than to provide good government" ### Bibliography * Desvarieux, Jessica. "[Lu
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or-describing-civic-services.html) ## Related * [[governance#open_government|Governance: Open government]]
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by, 1986. * Kerr, Camile. _{{:source:kerr-local_government_support.pdf|Local Government Support for Cooperatives}}_. Prepared for Austin Co-op Summit. Democracy at Work
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Economic Efficiency: Capitalist, Cooperative and Government Firms_. Routledge, 2013. * Molk, Peter. "[The P
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ses (249). * Exponential growth (249-50). Non-government clients account for about 8% of the revenues of t
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m Smith, and all over Europe a tendency to oppose government control over trades in favour of laissez-faire fr
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