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* Critique of Keynes: "The key reason is that he failed to allow for changing distribution. With w... s risen, and is now rising, much more slowly than he anticipated." * Rosen, Rebecca J. "[Why Do Am... er demand") levels some critiques, including that he doesn't take into account hours worked abroad *... the worker to earn his wage; the rest of the day he is employed in producing surplus value for the bo
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om the hostile Eisenhower administration of which he was part. * 1960: Co-ops supported **Kennedy** ... lack Friday," Dec. 29, 1972 (Doyle 1979, 11), but he reinstated the program in 1973 * **Ford** *... ter himself was still a member of the co-op while he was president." * **Reagan** * 1984: [GOP p... itory by the state’s municipal electrics." * "He spoke at the 2013 statewide annual meeting in Ind
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ted from Wayne State University Law School, where he created a Malcolm X Center. Afterward, became a p... an to lead Africa to decolonize, to independence. He was from the Congo. Lumumba means 'gifted.' So li... make sure my son (Chokwe) was in a position where he could take over a lot of my responsibilities as f... can call (601) 960-1084 and ask for Brother Kali. He’ll set you up." * Ends with a call for a blac
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A divine sanction: "All these things God created, He put them in our large home, the world, without su... e 21 and then annual payments starting at age 50. He saw it as a reparation for the enclosure and sale... 1956 lecture. In his 1980 book _Free to Choose_, he wrote: "We should replace the ragbag of specific ... nski's claim that there are 126 welfare programs. He argues that only 7 are really welfare, and the re
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89: Charles Caryl first arrived in Delphia, which he would rename Wall Street (Bailey 1982, 23) * 18... w developing rich fields in California. As usual, he is not engaged in working the soil so much as the people. 'Vril' is his scheme now. He started it in Denver, but Colorado didn't seem to... ley's vril shop is located in Los Angeles now and he promises the public to let them into the secrets
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oming one of them while continuing to remain what he is. Only great love can motivate a man to do thi... equired which love wishes to communicate." * "he has to become indifferent to the cultural values of his home. This means that he has to become very poor in a very deep sense." ... described by Illich." * Begins by saying that he's impressed by their "openness to the idea that t
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ere was this miner who had moved from Brazil, and he basically expressed that, sure, this thing is mak... , but what it has really done is changed my life. He couldn't believe that this was real, mining aroun
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ore is forbidden access to the seashore, provided he abstains from injury to houses, monuments, and bu... cal confession of Anabaptist Thomas Müntzer while he was being tortured to death: *omnia sunt communia
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started the Scientific Management movement, which he considered a move toward better labor relations. However, he was demonized as the source of the labor problem
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For Congress Will Let His Constituents Decide How He Votes]( for-congress-will-let-his-constituents-decide-how-he-votes)." _Fast Company_. January 2, 2018. * Cas
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<-> => <= <=> >> << -- --- 640x480 (c) (tm) (r) "He thought 'It's a man's world'..." <code> -> <- <-> => <= <=> >> << -- --- 640x480 (c) (tm) (r) "He thought 'It's a man's world'..." </code> The sam
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er David's libertarian background and reasons why he is unlikely to have the skills to succeed. *
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of materialism and business to furnish the change he envisions (951) * "The average man of a land at
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with Taaki on the fertilizer production facility. He also says the Rojavan community came to see Taaki
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independent — not employed by the state." * "he fairly called out glitches and audit irregulariti
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