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ent and CEO of Roanoke Electric Cooperative, said his member-owned organization is doing 200 home upgra... * Johnson helped create the co-op that served his Texas ranch, Pedernales (Doyle 1979, 7) * 1969:... ops that few other American presidents can match. His father had been a director of Sumter EMC in Ameri... ans * **Bush I** * **Clinton** * 1993: In his State of the Union address, President Clinton sin
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are all that is necessary for the worker to earn his wage; the rest of the day he is employed in produ... Jesus calling people from their jobs to consider his preaching, from fishermen to prostitutes to tax c... . 262, in The Philosophy of Jonathan Edwards from His Private Notebooks) * "A man should be so much at liberty that he Can Pursue his main End without distraction. Labor to Get thorou
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s to become indifferent to the cultural values of his home. This means that he has to become very poor... man might find himself is learning so much about his mission field as to become an anthropologist in order not to have to accept this one people as his by becoming a part of them" * Illich, Ivan. "[T... normous good will of the U.S. volunteer. However, his good faith can usually be explained only by an ab
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igital_archives/sovcom/imagelisting.php) register his presence there through 1973, including [plans to ... tempt of court in Mississippi * 2003: [Death of his wife, Nubia]( ### Bibliography * "[A Chokwe Lumumba Primer: His 2013 JFP Interview, Audio, Campaign Reports](http... Jackson Free Press_. April 3, 2013 (updated after his death). * "I picked the name Chokwe because i
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rs, Adele. "[This Candidate For Congress Will Let His Constituents Decide How He Votes](https://www.fas... com/40509226/this-candidate-for-congress-will-let-his-constituents-decide-how-he-votes)." _Fast Company... . "[Colorado Political Candidate Promises to Give His Seat to an App]( nbb/colorado-political-candidate-promises-to-give-his-seat-to-an-app)." _Motherboard_. October 16, 2017
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ls and gates, so that they would be common to all His children." * 1797: Thomas Paine calls for a soc... um guaranteed income via a negative income tax in his book _Capitalism and Freedom_, based on a 1956 lecture. In his 1980 book _Free to Choose_, he wrote: "We should ... stono_author_of_robots_will_steal/cj6xzj10) that [his next book]( will di
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al engineer and accounting consultant who devoted his career to making industry more efficient, started... as a last remnant of feudalism." - "Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto also criticized the guild sys... s part of the Antitrust Division at DOJ in 1960s. His work ends up arguing for the potential for effici
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* January: _Camera_ reports that Caryl sold all his Wall Street holdings and withdraws from mining al... working the soil so much as the people. 'Vril' is his scheme now. He started it in Denver, but Colorado... omises the public to let them into the secrets of his organization for $25, or $5 a degree. This is dir
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emocratic, the word En-Masse." (165) * presents his poems to foreigners as the definition of democrac... in nature to that of new world democracy (929). his hope is not in the past but the "to come" * war... y mourns the absence of a national literature * his contradictory bards: "Come forth, sweet democrati
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his was real, mining around the clock in front of his house." * "This machine liberates people. Sud... a similar abstraction to that made by Hobbes. In his Leviathan, self-regarding people realise that it
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do]], and attended the University of Colorado for his undergraduate and law degree. * His first employee ownership experiment was with the Penninsula News
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, Cat. "[Why a Healthcare Entrepreneur is Selling His Business to Employees](" _Shareable_ (March 3, 20
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Jefferson apparently instituted profit-sharing at his glass-making factory and said, in 1795, "The demo
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* A blog about the work of Murray Bookchin by his partner, Janet Biehl, who has been to Rojava seve
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he stakes, or filling up the ditch, and crying to his fellows: Beware of listening to this impostor; yo