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ource]( * 1526: Johannes Ludovicus Vives publishes _... come experiment]( begins in Namibia. * 201... - "a collection of ideas about how to distribute and manage a Universal Ba... o the latest wave of proposals from "the party of ideas." * Konczal, Mike. "[The Pragmatic Libertarian
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s:// - "gathering articles, ideas, projects related to open, worker co-op ride/car ... ld we be thinking bigger)?](" _Hello Ideas_. 2015. ## Worker cooperation ### Bibliography
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ety within the framework of a program, they bring ideas that live after them." * "Latin America can n... 's talk, "[The Quiet Realization of Ivan Illich's Ideas in the Contemporary Commons Movement](" * [LA Times
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eople speak with one voice." * "People submit ideas and debate them in a simple but advanced debate system. The best ideas with the best points for and against rise to the
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icing is a Dirty Job, But Nobody's Gotta Do It: 6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World]( policing-is-a-dirty-job-but-nobodys-gotta-do-it-6-ideas-for-a-cop-free-world-20141216)." _Rolling Stone_.
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a new platform]( ngs-i-learned-from-running-big.html)." _Tales 'n' Ideas_. August 1, 2014. * Recommends $8/hour. "Why
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is a thinker who keeps coming up. Here we see his ideas about technology and automation. Frase elsewhere
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ted Analysis for Wind Power Applications]("
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### Bibliography * Acedo, Mike. "[10 Specific Ideas To Gamify Your Classroom](http://www.teachthought
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edicated to the promotion of co-operative values, ideas and principles within co-operatives, communities
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## Policy ### Chronology * 1974: Based on the ideas of Louis Kelso, Sen. Russell Long added sections
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e 'stakeholder theory' as a 'framework,' a set of ideas from which a number of theories can be derived. A
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We help hackers, makers, and designers turn great ideas into incredible things" * Gallagher, Sean. "[
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spheres have religious dimensions: I show how old ideas of confession, abstinence and salvation appear as