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t, but incremental decline still presents us with important challenges" * The challenge of ambiguity: "We... the reasons proposed by Foa and Mounk. This is an important insight because the prescription of a healthy cur... stent age differences in American views about the important components of a strong democracy" * "Cert... upposedly consolidated democracies including such important ones as the United States and Great Britain appea
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f Talmudic laws relate to hours of work. The most important law comes directly from the Bible: the requiremen... dus 20:9-10] The Sabbath is one of Judaism’s most important contributions to humankind, exemplifying the idea... tion, ... [and] in business more entertaining and important." (17, from _The Works of Samuel Hopkins_ (vol. 2
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periments" * "we believe that the single most important advantage of MTurk over other online recruitment ... enefit from this platform." * "The single most important feature that Mechanical Turk provides is access t... at their activities as work where pay is the most important factor and that they understand and orient to AMT
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he overall structure determining which things are important" * Sees hope in feminist autonomist responses... relationship to time by focusing only on what is important, maximizing opportunities for optimal work “flow.
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rporate forces. The valuation of Bitcoin means an important transfer of social wealth to this political tende
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” * This mandate, Matheson said, "gives us an important platform to talk about the Clean Power Plan and i
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ds_, written by Harvard’s Rakesh Khurana. In this important book, Khurana divides management education into t
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g cost of things we need, which I think is really important and not being talked about.” * [Pistono, Federi
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goes to the funds as well. * "Although law is important to cooperative integration, cooperatives have bee
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ays the Rojavan community came to see Taaki as an important member." * Gupta, Rahila. "[Women’s co-operativ
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." * Regulating and streamlining co-ops is an important part of the Kenya 2030 plan. * Gachie, Josphat.
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1) * "The average man of a land at last only is important" (954) * yet nothing is greater than "a well I
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that other forms of work and leisure are just as important and 'productive', then we might turn to efforts t
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the relaunch, Enric Duran, decided to donate the important amount of 10 Millions faircoins to Fair Coop."