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p://" _Labor Notes_. October 29, 2014. * Greenhouse, Steven.... sues/employment/fair-work-schedules) ## Academic labor * Buddle, Chris. "[The work-life balance: How ..." Institute for the Study of Labor discussion paper. April 2014. * Summary: C.W.... luding the unemployed, etc. * Unpaid domestic labor averaged at 20.4 hours per week * Rampell, Cath
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y and inequitably." * Greek distinction between labor (non-citizen economy) and work (reproductive acti... service work. Questions the current valuation of labor (in "jobs") but not other forms of work. * "the... * "The strongest trend is a growth of 'work-for-labor,' done to enhance 'employability' and to function as a flexible worker. Time in labor may be declining, modestly, but time in work-for-
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ssion" - Trebor Scholz at 2014 New School Digital Labor conference. ## Leisure * Gershon, Livia. "[Th... gg, Melissa. "[Counterproductive: Towards mindful labor]( s." * "This situation calls for a new kind of labor politics - what I call mindful labor. A politics of mindful labor alleviates the psychological impact of
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to tinker with human workers." * "Hiding the labor is key to how these startups are valued by invest... rceive them as *technology companies* rather than labor companies." * "The characterization of Turk w... there go the valuations." * "This division of labor enables the capture of value or reduction in cost... hile producing at the same time highly stratified labor subjectivities. Programmers, innovators, lean sta
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ovement, which he considered a move toward better labor relations. However, he was demonized as the source of the labor problem by both unions and politicians." * By... philosophies of the day." * With the rise of labor movements between the wars, "many politicians, bu... derate-income participants relied more heavily on labor platform earnings." ## Guilds * Davidson, Ad
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x. _From Slavery to the Cooperative Commonwealth: Labor and Republican Liberty in the Nineteenth Century_... determine what becomes of the surplus value their labor produces---even to the point of distinguishing be... n governance to prevent the exploitation of their labor) and the "enablers" (who handle the support jobs ... arkets" (581). The firm confronts rigidity in the labor market on the supply side. * The Illyarian fi
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"economists really need to rethink the standard “labor / leisure tradeoff”. Almost no one prefers a life... together on education, health, and the dignity of labor. Imagine if that self-same society frowned upon t... ficient, allowing for the effective decoupling of labor and salary for the vast majority (but not all) of... ttle financial breathing room, a UBI would combat labor market slack and let more workers say "no" to job
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onal leader in the integration of cooperative and labor law" * [Worker Cooperatives course at the Mur... ral cooperatives." * School of Industrial and Labor Relations * [Cooperativism in theses](http:... tulus) - "research explores a number of topics in labor economics, including the organization of workers
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rd-democracy-worker-council-codetermination-union-labor)." _Vox_. April 6, 2018. ## Notable examples ... productivity. That is why, working with business, labor, and other stakeholders, we will incentivize comp
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* [[:Information]] * [[:Journalism]] * [[:Labor]] * [[:Land]] * [[:Libraries]] * [[:N
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James W. Brock. _[The Bigness Complex: Industry, Labor, and Government in the American Economy](http://w
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vests all property in the community and organizes labor for the common benefit of all" - Peter Linebaugh,
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ream and alternative media on a daily basis" ## Labor * [El Centro Humanitario](http://www.centrohum
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ervice of "enterprises" which, by organizing wage-labor, transformed nature into the goods and services o
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and faith-based, and city-wide organizations, and labor groups who see Community Land Trusts (CLTs) as a
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