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# Land * [Boodhan movement](, a voluntary land-trust movement in India founded by Vinoba Bhave. ... TEDxSantaCruz. March 8, 2014. * [Take Back the Land]( ## Agrarian Tr... rg/) - "Agrarian Trust has the mission to support land access for next generation farmers, and is a proj
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atural]( and [Black Land Matters]( - based be... t economic autonomy that pioneered the [community land trust]( model in the United States * [New Commun... - "a 5,700-acre land trust and farm collective owned and operated by a
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ie Lou Hamer, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, Mondragón, and Emilia-Romagna. ... running of the infrastructure." * ["Free the land"]( * [Mississippi Association of Cooperatives](http:... against the "RNA 11." The next year, [RNA bought land in Mississippi](https://www.frontlinedefenders.or
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ce 2011 the new administration has taken over the land previously held by Syrian government officials an... e social economy." * "About 80 percent of the land in Rojava had been nationalized under the Syrian ... . After the revolution, this formerly state-owned land was socialized: that is, it was transferred to th... told us in Dêrîk, “we transferred the state-owned land—which actually belongs to the society, to the peo
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ain preference for generation projects on federal land (Doyle 1979, 17-18) * 1933: First TVA-based co-... y Vic Reinemer). _[[source:doyle-lines_across_the_land|Lines Across the Land: Rural Electric Cooperatives: The Changing Politics of Energy in Rural America]]_... ans. These cooperatives cover 75% of the nation’s land mass. They deliver 11% of U.S. electricity sales
4 Hits, Last modified: - "Fighting To Save Black-Owned Land Since 1967 With Cooperatives" * [Green Worker C... ## History ### Films * 1940: _[Power and the Land]( R... ra America_. May 26, 2015. ## Real estate and land * [NorthEast Investment Cooperative (NEIC)](h... e parks from coast to coast" ### Related * [[Land]] ## Ridesharing and taxis * Ackerman, Seth.
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reparation for the enclosure and sale of national land, and it would be funded through inheritance taxes... h and 19th century homestead acts, which provided land to those willing to farm them. Also, the "40 acre... : Henry George's _Progress and Poverty_ propses a land-value tax that could be used to support a basic i... 2016. * Citizens' dividend * Henry George's land-tax proposal * [Oregon Climate's Cap & Divide
3 Hits, Last modified: - Multi-stakeholder co-op land ownership model * [Re:vision](http://www.revisi... ffiliate of the Center for Popular Democracy" ## Land * [Urban Land Conservancy]( - "acquires, develops, and preserves communit
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cus/19/).9-10: "When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not be so thorough that you reap the f... ticus/23/).22: "When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not be so thorough that you reap the f... e widow. For remember that you were slaves in the land of Egypt; that is why I command you to do this."
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## Community ISPs ### Advocacy * [Broadband Land]( at _Motherboard_ * Keobler, Jason. [To Save
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mic law, typically donating a building or plot of land or even cash for Muslim religious or charitable p... n) * At the founding of Turkey, 3/4 of arable land was in waqfs (849), many did not serve purely cha
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] * [[:Journalism]] * [[:Labor]] * [[:Land]] * [[:Libraries]] * [[:Networks]] *
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c by Design: How Carsharing, Co-ops and Community Land Trusts Are Reinventing America_. St. Martin's Pre
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ange he envisions (951) * "The average man of a land at last only is important" (954) * yet nothing
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