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/ #### Legal enforcement * United States * Colorado: § ... t easy to start a cooperative by creating all the legal documents you need and providing personalized legal help" * [Co-op development resources](https://docs... ng a Cooperative Corporation](" Digital
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variety of proposed reforms, including simplified legal tests, presumptions of illegality under certain c... rence, Pittsburgh, PA. August 5, 1997. * "The legal protection from prosecution under the antitrust l... * Saker, Victoria A. _[Benevolent Monopoly: The Legal Transformation of Agricultural Cooperation, 1890–... ion: "In the 1970s and 1980s, however, a group of legal and economic scholars associated chiefly with the
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al Diversity_ 4, no. 2 (2015). * Explores the legal implementation of the new ICA principle of cooper... n to cooperate even in the absence of substantial legal regulation" * Concludes by emphasizing three ... so provisions for such stakeholders as financing, legal, administrative, honorary, governmental, etc. mem
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/02/25/chokwe-lumumba-jackson-dies/5826087/) of a legal team that uncovered evidence demonstrating how th... Conference of Black Lawyers. "[Chokwe Lumumba: A Legal Biography](" March 3, 2014. * Nave, R. L. "[Mor
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forms of community ownership. ## Corporate and legal structures * [B Corp (certification)](https://... rapidly and making its way into the political and legal system. The French Revolution saw guilds as a las... sed abou $6 million in venture funds and became a legal benefit corporation -- a PBC, not a B Corp. *
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rther increase the ratio to 3:1." * "due to legal constraints, non-Chinese employees are not able t... llocated shares in Huawei," apparently because of legal limitations. * "Judging from the present li
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rge, well-known international firm on some of the legal issues, and they told us they preferred to get pa
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peratives’ interests on all matters of policy and legal framework." * The Ethics Commission for Coope
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you to freely, consciously and humbly give up the legal right you have to impose your benevolence on Mexi
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ence in transactional law while offering valuable legal services without charge to local startups lacking
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y * Davies-Coates. "[Open Co-ops: Inspiration, Legal Structures and Tools](
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coxarxes]( ## Legal issues * [The Cooperativa Integral in Spanish
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existing universities into co-operatives through legal and constitutional means; the dissolution of our
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ployees making schedule change requests or taking legal action ### Campaigns * Brown, Jenny. "[Fight
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