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an half of retail workers get schedules a week or less in advance * For workplaces with 15 or more... r changes to that * Changing a shift within less than 24 hours (without certain reasons) may resul... twork]( * [Work Less Party]( ## Cul... he United States would consume roughly 20 percent less energy if it moved to Europe’s work/leisure balan
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ng truly poor people more and middle class people less, and we’d presumably cut a ton of government bure... hnological unemployment, and about the need to be less attached to work, but hasn't proposed basic incom... he deal afterwards" * Main arguments: * "Less Bureaucracy" - Both for the government and for wo... " - In at least some cases, theoretically * "Less Rent-Seeking" - Harder to corrupt politically
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ps make the human element of Mechanical Turk even less visible to programmers. * [Emergy Berger's we... ." * After trying some turking, "students are less likely to refer to turkers as 'lazy' and more lik... ing on US workers, who are understood to generate less 'spam' work." --- "Though the crowd seems unstruc... ible the workers in human computation become, the less the “software” companies look like software—there
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nch, Pedernales (Doyle 1979, 7) * 1969: Under a less supportive **Nixon** administration, National Rur... en on the rise. It was 50/50 in 2010, and more or less consistently so since 1998 (when, for instance 53... electric-cooperatives/): * 72% of co-ops have less than 10% average member-voter turnout * espec... financial incentive to sell more electricity, not less. It also shows that co-ops have sought to concea
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r at Koch-funded university department calls for ‘less democracy’]( or-at-koch-funded-university-department-calls-for-less-democracy/)." _Raw Story_. March 8, 2015. * "Jones says that less democracy and more epistocracy could lead to bett
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be better than democratic cataclysm because it is less likely to be violent, but incremental decline sti... onfederation, Congress floundered and became less effective during the Confederation years. The
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eeds such as food and fuel. At the moment this is less an ideal and more of a necessity as Rojava effect... developed here, and capitalism entrenched itself less in the people’s mentality than elsewhere." *
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ich trivial tasks can be delegated down to other, less powerful employees, whose inferior status prevent... ich prior versions of management surveillance are less obvious or necessary since the innate value of pr
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(September 1958). * Observing the rise of "a less centralized form of economic organization" emergi
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f-managing organizations: Exploring the limits of less-hierarchical organizing](https://www.sciencedirec
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er that period, and now the two rates are more or less equal." * Kwoka study of past consolidation s
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ysis/34-bitcoin-traffic-bulletin)" * "While less than ideal for users of Bitcoin, congestion of th
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1(k) retirement plans for companies, making ESOPs less attractive * 1984: Sen. Long and President Reag
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* "the ablest students began to choose schools less for their curriculum or teaching and more for the
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org/) - "a new internet for decentralized, server-less applications. Building on Blockstack starts with
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