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ar Electric Power Association. * [Institute for Local Self-Reliance: Democratizing the Electricity Syst... Farrell](, "th... trol of their utility cooperatives. We work with local partners and co-op members on innovative strategi... Commision. * June 2016 (undated): "[Victory for Local Renewable Energy](
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cooperative development]( - "A project of the Dominion News Cooperative", "Local Independent News" in Canada * [Mutual Broadcast... nies Like Uber]( :// - "a rideshare Worker Co-op local to Grand Rapids, MI" * RideWith * Teig, Ami
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therboard_. November 21, 2017. * [Coalition for Local Internet Choice]( ... g)]( * [Institute for Local Self-Reliance - Broadband]( ARIAT]( - "LARIAT.NET is a local Internet service provider based in Laramie, Wyomi... MINET]( - "MINET is a local telecommunication network delivering high-speed I
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/)." _The Washington Post_. January 9, 2015. * [Local Investing Opportunity Network (LION)]( * [LION:PDX]( * [Local 20/20 in East Jefferson County, WA](http://l2020.... a simple way for citizens to create a sustainable local economy by supporting businesses that provide pro
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with residents to transform a food desert into a local food oasis, to train local men and women as community leaders, and to grow community ownership in Denver... ffering valuable legal services without charge to local startups lacking access investor resources" * [... tive]( - "a community of local residents bringing high speed Internet access to
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development (office) to engage the services of a local nonprofit organization that supports and promotes... onal Cooperative Development Center and grants to local cooperative development centers * Madison, WI, ... Bookbaby, 1986. * Kerr, Camile. _{{:source:kerr-local_government_support.pdf|Local Government Support for Cooperatives}}_. Prepared for Austin Co-op Summit. D
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e. Language itself was transformed thereby from a local commons into a national resource for communicatio... amuel_may12.pdf)." 2012. ## Influence * [Beta-Local](, an arts organization in ... report](
2 Hits, Last modified: * Florido, Adrian. "[The Dream of Local Fades at Market Creek Plaza](" _Voice of San Die
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15 around the Schedules that Work Act and related local efforts. ### The Federal Act * [House Schedul... away on retreat regularly, and to be involved in local Dharma activities or projects. > > It is all too
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t Internet Explorer per default (and only in the "local zone"). * For Mozilla and Firefox it can be ena... ioned in the [[|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. Howev
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arapis]( - "Open solutions to local challenges" * [Shareable](
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heru, E.N. "[Engaging Co-operatives in Addressing Local and Global Challenges: The Role of Co-operatives
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// - "Free Wireless Internet and Local Network in Oakland, California" * Partner wit
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Asayis (civilian security) are accountable to the local councils and not the (non-existent) state, the te
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ative networking in adaptiveness, scale alongside local responsiveness, efficiency * Thomas, Antonio. "
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