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y/toolkit/on-bill-financing) the distinctions are made even more clearly. * Walton, Robert. "[Pay As Y... April 1, 2016. * Sec of Ag Ezra Taft Benson made REA much more cautious, required co-ops to form p... Act. The Post pointed out that the president had made good on his no-sacred-cows promise."—"The 2 perce... and its impact on our members" * "[Coop Voters Made a Difference in the Election](
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financial cooperatives can be considered as human-made common goods." * Simpson, Adam and Sarah McKinl... ance]( - "SSCoFI is made up of member-owners – people who are student debt... e. "[Des chauffeurs Uber lancent une application 'made in France'](
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eceive-a-stipend/) * 2001: The NGO GiveDirectly made cash transfers to villagers in impoverished Kenya... ple’s jobs, in the short term that’s likely to be made up by the decreasing cost of things we need, whic... t against * "The case for the BIG needs to be made from firmer ground. ... what won’t make the case
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-playing automaton of the 18th century, which was made by Wolfgang von Kempelen. Beat Napoleon and Benja... rtificate. Please note that all disbursements are made in whole cents only." ### Communities and activ... "Demographically speaking, the MTurk workforce is made up of over 500,000 people from 190 countries, wit
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ctivity, combined with a drop in absenteeism, had made up the difference in lost production from the sho... t we bow down before the things human beings have made, and attribute to the works of our own hands all
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nterestingly, it is a similar abstraction to that made by Hobbes. In his Leviathan, self-regarding peopl... * [Ithacash]( - "Money Made for Main St." in Ithaca, NY. * [rCredits](http:
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an currency is still used, but while loans can be made interest cannot be charged. There are no banks at... 50,000 fruit trees in 2015 and attempts are being made to diversify agriculture by ecological criteria a
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Housing * Blumgart, Jake. "[How Bernie Sanders Made Burlington Affordable](
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rnalism Open journalism was an idea once, and it made a lot of sense, but the idea has seemed kind of s
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e recently)." * "Another factor that may have made profits stickier is the growing clout of giant in
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egulation led to market contracting problems that made cooperative ownership attractive. Because of toda
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ance]( - "SSCoFI is made up of member-owners – people who are student debt
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s that they should marry a young: man who is self made, rich, a consumer and as disrespectful of traditi
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tus, politics (854). "weakness of property rights made the sacred institution of the waqf a convenient i
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work]( - "a holarchy, made up of self-organised layers working to create new