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ter for American Progress, 2016. * "financial market practitioners recognize the ability of market concentration to raise returns. Take for example a 2014 Gol... f the cases reviewed, the report found that stock market performance and overall profitability tracked with increased market concentration." * "For much of the period bet
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eiving new attention because of the recent labour-market upsets." * Page, Larry * Several times has ... "And that’s basic income. It’s a win-win for the market and those who comprise the market. It’s a way to improve on capitalism and even democracy, by making sure... work." * "“VC for the people” would reduce market discipline, but it would certainly not eliminate
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Companies Should Maximize Shareholder Welfare Not Market Value]( ntrol over trades in favour of laissez-faire free market systems was growing rapidly and making its way in... ent-seeking and monopolies were a major source of market failure in pre-modern economies." * Ogilvie, Sh... at reduce cost substantially and allow it to meet market demand more efficiently than other organizations"
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, Bailey. "[Credit Unions Seek to Become First to Market With Banking Blockchain](" _CoinDesk_. September 3, ... s, and developers upon which the emerging ag data market can rapidly grow" ### Related * [[technology#... firms. * Ward, Benjamin. "[The Firm in Illyria: Market Syndicalism](
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perative business models can offer ## Addressing market failure * Delbono, Flavio (2017 lecture at Uni... demand, especially when there is not an adequate market mechanism for doing so. * Hueth (2014) * Mika... ment device for credibly (and profitably) gaining market share in competition with a profit maximizing fir... tract: "when marginal costs are uncorrelated, the market for final goods is competitive, and the market fo
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n program, the PAYS model doubles the addressable market and increases the size of projects customers are ... unlocking a “sweet spot” in the U.S. clean-energy market: community-scale solar. Shine is developing innov... 21, 2016: "[New Ruling Opens Up 400 GW Renewables Market](" _RMI Outlet_. * August 25, 2016: Marston, Ed
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ders, Bernie]] ## Planning * [The Village at Market Creek]( in Sa... * Florido, Adrian. "[The Dream of Local Fades at Market Creek Plaza](" _Voice of San Diego_. July 8, 201... - "A Decentrazlied Oracle & Prediction Market Platform" * [Aragon]( * [
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de, then Mechanical Turk would slowly turn into a market where spammers requester talk to spammer workers.... CI’s tendency, as Dourish has argued [6], to take market framings for granted" * Jacquet, Jennifer. "[Th... .ly/about/) - "We’re obsessed with automating the market research process" * oDesk * [Qualtrics](http:
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icy and were included as one of the World Bank’s “market based” options for debt-equity conversions throug... . * "success in the world’s biggest telecom market, the U.S., has been hard to come by. Despite bidd
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es organized at a time when lax regulation led to market contracting problems that made cooperative owners... ch bonds only in the formation stage to encourage market discipline later in the life cycle * Molk (2014
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learn to name and cherish and protect before the market learns its value * A form of life that cannot b... he doubt * Where work invisible to the state or market has honor * Where we learn to trust * A schoo
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bility among Early Career Workers in the US Labor Market: A National Snapshot]( f the Global Labor Force and the Dawn of the Post-Market Era](source:rifkin end of work)_. Putnam, 1995.
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have." … "'When you consolidate that entire payer market to one payer that has the ability to set rates, t... elivery,' Mulready said." … "She worries the same market forces cited as a benefit by ColoradoCare could p
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hical control. * Networks as "a space between market and hierarchy" * Competitive advantages of co
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ustenance without needing to take recourse to the market. After enclosure, the environment became primaril
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