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_. December 12, 2017. ### Financing for customer-members See links in [[#notable_organizations]]. * [H... ore than 100 co-ops around the country help their members break the cost barrier with on-bill financing (OB... r member organizing * We Own It staff. "[Cobb members stop coal plant, end corruption and go solar](htt... peratives. We work with local partners and co-op members on innovative strategies to build community capit
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" * "In Canada, four of every ten Canadians are members of at least one co-operative. In Quebec, approximately 
70% of the population are co-op members, while in Saskatchewan 56% are members." * "The country with the largest number of individual members indirectly represented by the Alliance is the Uni
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but its initial objectives were to help its elite members create a shared curriculum, to encourage faculty training, and to protect its members’ reputations." Not necessarily the standards-upho... ts standardization efforts worked only on its own members, a minority of U.S. schools, let alone the world’... * Craft guilds bought and sold bulk products for members, stabilized volatile incomes, cheap credit, barga
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toid=10&ent_oid=822): "provides training to co-op members and people working in the field; carries out rese... ould like students, faculty, staff, and community members to help us encourage the Chancellor and Administr... igher education cooperative, which will serve its members and the broader community" #### Bibliography
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gnized co-op associations perform audits of their members; independent co-ops are audited directly by the s... ible reserves, which goes to the movement (not to members) if the co-op is dissolved. In 1983, they became ... apitalist corporations. 1992 law allowed investor-members, as well as allowing contributions to federations
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ns" * "Cooperatives gather at least 7 million members in Kenya" * Gicheru 2012 (see below): * Coo... ut 15,000 registered cooperatives with 12 million members. There are more than 320,000 employees and a furt... e cooperative movement in Kenya places individual members at the bottom of a pyramidal organizational struc
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.coop/) - "A not for profit cooperative providing members high speed Internet access at cost in Australia" ... roviding telecommunications services to our owner/members since 1949" in western Iowa * hannah. "[Anoth
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from the top-tier U.S. carriers" * "Several members of Congress, joined by Gary Locke, the U.S. Comme... . * "Judging from the present list of board members, they are highly ranked executives rather than sh
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cooperatives, often involving the non-taxation of members' capital credits held by the cooperative. * Bl... n the early formation phase, "to give cooperative members a deferral on income tax on the first $*X* of a c
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rking on one of the first grocery stores owned by members of a low-income community." * [Rocky Mountain E... rofit electric cooperative, owned by the customer-members who receive electricity from us"—"The service ter
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." * "People are free to join and become full members of co-ops. Commune members can also join co-ops, once the commune has approved their membership." * "O
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s in the community, and drain community energy as members try to make sense of the unusual intervention." —... s largest and most active. Using the Dynamo Wiki, members collaboratively generated a sprawling online guid
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st possible good for the greatest number of group members" - "It was invented by University of Chicago econ
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riest. Father Albert McKnight, and now has 12,000 members throughout southern Louisiana. Most of the cooper
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n Student Projects)" * Footnote: "Many of the members of CIASP were seminarians, but in many ways the o
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